The face canvas

I have a thing for make up. I started using make up when I was about 18. It was the simple, super basic "mascara + single tone eyeshadow". Then as the years go by, I started noticing the different looks which I can get with different applications. I only started doing different looks last year. This year, 2012 is when I come up with tutorials.

I dedicate this page to all my make up posts, so here you go. Page will be updated whenever I have a new make up look.

Click on the titles and you'll be sent to the post in another tab. =)

Post suggestions or any look that you would like a tutorial on the comments. 
I'll try it out ASAP. =)

That's what J_Fish wants to share~ Au Revoir~



    TEEHEE. Challenge accepted?

  2. Ok I didn't expect that. Challenge accepted!!

  3. YAY! *hope to read hope to read hope to read*