Sunday, 15 February 2015

76 way to clean scalp

FYI, I've moved on to a new job... for the past half a year.
Yes, that's how long I haven't been updating my blog with personal things.

Mandatory selfie in a blog post.

Between working over-time, and trying to find time to rest,
I haven't have much chances to pamper myself until I made an appointment to visit 76 Style Saloon.

That was in January. 
So for this year, I've finally decided to revive my blog, and the first post
is about how I cleared my head.

The saloon that people are currently crazy about. 

I had an appointment with Steve, director for 76 Style Midvalley.
The branch is actually at North Point which is on the building across the street, connected to Midvalley Megamall by a bridge.

I've seen people posting about their hair treatment there and finally decided to give it a try.
I got  

For comparison,

I think it's obvious that the layer of grease/ buildup is gone after the treatment,
and you can see my scalp, refreshed. 

Steve also gave my hair a nice wavy look before I left. 

The thing about hair styling at salons is that you can never get the same look even when you're using the same tools. 

I wanted to go over for a colour touch up before CNY but they were fully booked right up to the eve FML 
-last minute problems- 

A new outlet is opening at Publika on April 4, this Sat!!! 

Visit to book an appointment. 

Follow them on Instagram to see updates on hair designs and promotions too. 

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir 

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