Friday, 27 June 2014

Will Lie For Money

I'm telling you. Don't believe everything a blogger post on social network, especially when it's praising a product/ shop.

I take advertorials, don't get me wrong, but I wouldn't go to the extent of lying about the product and services that I get. I was recently given an advertorial about a certain transportation related app which is honestly speaking, useless. Although the pay was not bad, I didn't take it. I don't want to lie for the money. 

Yes, advertorials aren't only limited to blogs anymore. They've invaded your common social media platforms, i.e. Facebook and Instagram, so beware when a blogger says: A taxi ride hasn't been so nice before until I met (insert taxi hailing app). The cab driver is super friendly & kind!!

I'd like to call bullshit here. 

Scenario 1: The taxi app
Taxi apps are for convenience, yes? (Yes.) When you need a taxi, it helps you get one easier, instead of standing by the road and waiting for one to pass by without knowing if one would EVER pass by. This particular app which I was given the chance to review doesn't (always) do that. The reason? My particular area is prone to traffic jams and taxi drivers don't like to pass this place. Well fuck me. That's why I'm using this app. To GET a taxi. If I'm living in or leaving a place where taxis pass by often, why would I need to use the app in the first place? I'll just fling out my arm (and maybe thumb).

In the end, the rude, lazy taxi drivers are still the rude, lazy taxi drivers. They won't be nicer just because you use that app. The app can't take actions against them. The various taxi apps out there DO NOT own the taxi drivers. Taxi drivers own taxi drivers. The nice ones will still be nice, even if you manually hail them. 

Most of the time, bloggers want to be in the good books of brands and companies, so even when the things and services they get are not great, they would make it sound like it's heaven on earth.

I always have this impression that it's a two way street when it comes to advertorials. If you give me good results, I'll give you a good post.

Scenario 2: The Lash Extension
I went to certain lash extension shop for a review about 9 months ago, and honestly, it was terrible. 

I made an appointment at 11am. I had to stand outside and wait while the "lash artist" waltzed down the corridor and "open shop" at exactly 11am. To me, that's unacceptable. If there's an appointment at 11am, the shop should be ready for the customer by 11am, not OPEN at 11am and let the customer wait. If that's how they usually work, they might as well say the first appointment starts at 11.30am. Common sense yes? 

The shop was closed the day before my appointment, and when I (finally) got into the shop, there was an overflowing garbage pile next to the counter, which is right in front of the door. Ethics people!! It's a beauty saloon, I think cleanliness SHOULD be important. The lashes that I got were really hard and before the end of the second week I personally plucked (And CUT) all of them out because it made my eyes really itchy and uncomfortable. I didn't go back to the shop to remove them because I had to go back penang during the weekend, and the shop closes before I finish work on weekdays. And no, I will not waste my leave on this. The review post turned out very cold. I just told the process of the extension. No praises. 

Most of the other bloggers made it sound like it was THE BEST lash extension experience EVAAAA!

Sure you can always refer to blogs when you need a second opinion, but don't trust them fully. Some bloggers are sincere and honest. They give praises only when the review is honestly good. A big group of bloggers, especially female bloggers, usually praise everything. And I mean EVERYTHING that they're asked to review. Beware of those. 

Aaaaand this is why I almost never take paid advertorials. I have to say nice things about the product/ service no matter what. It's great if what I get is good! I've gotten some that are really good. But when it comes to mediocre ones, it's an internal struggle. Lying for money makes me a crook, even if it's in a blog.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
P.s. What happened to sincere people who actually mean when they give out praises? I don't praise a lot, but when it does happen, it's real.