Wednesday, 4 June 2014

TIL over the weekend

Think I should throw in my pic once in awhile in case people forget what the blog owner looks like. =/

TIL here stands for Things I've Learnt instead of the usual Today I Learnt.

-If you're renting a new place, make sure you go and take a look before moving your things in. Don't just listen to what others have to say. What they think is "wide and spacious" might not be good enough for you. Also, don't bring everything you have at once if you've never seen the place. What happens when there's not enough room for your junk and you're sharing the room?

-Some people see those that are socially active as attention whores; socially active people see those as antisocial. It's all about perspective yes? But sometimes no. Some people really are antisocial, and not just socially awkward at that. I'm socially awkward but with people that I know, I blend in really well.

-Non-bloggers think all bloggers are attention whores who love to take picture of food and themselves, and often take picture of food with themselves. Although I do think that it's really annoying when people pose with their food, it's sad that the word "blogger" now has a negative connotation. Take a look at Urban Dictionary. Though most of the time the people there are quite sour, I think they do have a point.

-There are actually people who are shameless enough to attend a Chinese wedding and not giving an angpao. If you're not familiar with the Chinese tradition, if you're invited to the dinner, prepare a red packet with money inside. How much would depend on the "market price". If you're chinese, attended a chinese wedding and didn't give an ang pao, that's really, really shameless. People are not providing you with free dinner! If you have financial problems, it would be understandable, but nope, the people I'm referring to dress up nicely and are nowhere near poor.

-People think that I look younger now. Those who haven't seen me in real life for awhile at least. I'm actually just getting better at editing my pictures. While I don't mind if you to follow me on Instagram, don't believe what you see. =X

I guess that's all. Wanted to write this post on Monday morning, but I got lazy. =X #sorrynotsorry

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~