Thursday, 22 May 2014

The Penang version of THE wedding... that wasn't mine

The Penang phase of my sister's wedding is proof that you can prove yourself wrong.

After my sister's KL wedding, I thought, this isn't too bad, I got this.
The KL wedding was all planned and prepared by the in-laws, and I thought I was busy,
being the brides maid and having to take care of the bride and all,
but Penang was a whole new level.
I flew back with Jo on Thursday afternoon, and my flu, cough and fever decided to tag along. 
Flew Malindo to and from Penang, and no bad experience yet.

The clouds so pretty I feel like it's a bouncy castle instead.
I wanna take a walk among the clouds. 

"Fun" started on Friday. 
 I drove over to the island with Jo at around 11am,
went to collect the balloons and cake. 

The entire rear view mirror of the car was blocked by balloons,
because the entire back seat was blocked by balloons.

Had to drive depending on the side mirrors only.
Didn't cause an accident. #successfulfemaleasiandriver
Or maybe I just didn't see it. 
*dum dum dum*

There were 20 of these gassy babies. 

Didn't manage to take pictures of the hotel room because...
I was lazy and there were things lying around already.

I just wanted to rest.
There's work to be done!!

I went around taking pics of the hotel instead yay.

Look at this beautiful garden!!!
Bollywood movies would love this place.

Look at that beautiful beach and sun and sea and trees and bikini clad people and I'm sick.

*sniffles while taking pic*
*wipes snort on shirt*

The canopy setting up in progress.
This was where the dinner magic happened.

After I got back to the room, we started making paper pom poms for the back drop of the stage.

Was curling up in bed with pom pom minions worshipping at my feet.
All hail smelly feet!

Where is the love?
Apparently in my sister's hotel room. 

Someone tell Black Eyed Peas

Was so sick I don't feel like going out for dinner with everyone.
So I had a scrumptious mushroom soup dinner.

The soup was so full of mushrooms I had to munch on every spoonful instead of just drinking it.

With a view of dusk setting in.
Dinner for 1 like a boss.
The mosquitoes were the ones who had a feast though. 
I was a reluctant blood donor. 

After the family came back from dinner, I went back to a town house we rented and stayed there with my family for the night.
Both sisters stayed in the hotel room.
Was suppose to sleep there with older sister but my cough was so bad I was "quarantined".

The next day, Saturday was the actual wedding day + dinner.

The pics are all from the morning by the official photographer. 

The bros.

So excited for the "gate-crashing" ceremony.
Little did they know...

They had to hang the cards and write their "goal".
Then with the paper bags on, go around the hotel and ask for signature of hotel guests.

The sister's bffs, explaining to the bros how they're going to be happily tortured. 

They had to tie the balloons on their waist at all times. Hehe.

Sister is a BIG fan of chick flicks so one of the games was a quiz for bro-in-law.
The bros will be punished if he answers wrongly, which is what he did.
Kinda think he did that on purpose.
*smug face*

This added so much entertainment. 

Then there was the heart-shaped Sudoku which my bro-in-law had to solve.
At the mean time, the bros need to dip one of their legs into icy cold water.

I put my leg into one of the buckets just to test it out and I took it out when the water barely covered the tip of my toes.

Seen cheating. 
Being the nice people, of course we let them take their legs out.
Of course they had to pay a fee.


Of course there was flour involved.

Now for some pictures of the happy couple.

Love this pic to no end!!!
They're so in love.

Geddit? Hehe.

Now a few pics of the dinner venue before all the guest arrived.
No pics of the venue with the guests because I was stationed at the reception.
Couldn't leave until everyone was already there. 

See the pink bottles with flowers in front of the red heart?
My sister and BIL bought the bottles and stuck the pink (and silver) glitter on them. DIY.
We cut the flowers and stuck them inside DIY too!!
There were bottles with little candles inside on every one of the dinner tables
along with the pink bottles with flowers. 

The decorations on this table in the picture on top were all prepared by the couple,
except the flowers on the right.

They wanted a more personal wedding, 
and it turned out wonderful although there was a lot of work involved.

 So much nicer when the lights were on, but I didn't get the chance to take a picture of it. =(
And the tables weren't decorated yet.

The couple's entrance. 

I was (still) the maid of honour, which means I had to carry the sister's angpow bag and guard it with my life.
Then I had to follow them to the groom's side for the tea ceremony.
Then I had to wait for the photographer to take pics of the couple.
Then I get to go back to the buffet lunch and eat nothing.
Because I was still sick FML.

When I finally got to rest, it was just for 1 hour, didn't get to bathe again,
rushed over to the hotel again and only had time to touch-up my make up.
Didn't even have time to do my hair.
I had to be the first to get ready because I need to be at the reception table before any of the guests arrive.

People arrived on time. (surprisingly)
It was a nice time seeing my relatives and friend whom I only see once per year.
Some even once in a few years.

It was a magical night. The band was charming.
The weather was really nice. No rain, but breezy.
The garden wedding by the sea was so beautiful.

A lot of my relatives said they enjoyed a different setting for a wedding dinner.

I had to host a game session for the bride and groom, and the game was called
The Shoe Game.

Some relatives and friends were surprised that I could host the game well,
or as they put it "good at public speaking",
mainly because I don't talk much most of the time.


After that I was so hyped and confident I tried to initiate small talk with the bros of the groom.

Nope. Still suck at small talk.
*drifts away quietly after awkward moment*
I'm good at speaking, but just when it's with myself, or with people who are like me.

After the dinner, all I could think of was "I'M FINALLY FREE!!!"
"I can start spending money on myself again!!!"
"I can start spending time for myself again!!!"

"COUGH, cough cough cough snort!!!"

It was a risk to have an outdoor wedding, but luck was on the couple's side.
It didn't rain throughout the 2 days (setting up and actual dinner),
but the day after, Sunday, it rained when we were leaving.

A good start to the marriage indeed. =)

That's what J_Fish has to say~
P.S. I think anyone who was involved in a personalized wedding like this one wouldn't want a big wedding. I told my mom that I want a small wedding and she agreed whole-heartedly.