Thursday, 20 March 2014

Bloggers are attention seeking

And of course we use attention seeking titles to cheat people into reading the post. Gotcha.

"I don't like bloggers. They're very attention seeking." Said a friend.

And unfortunately, I had to agree. Half-heartedly.

Because I know only a handful of mostly *cough*female*cough* bloggers are the attention whores as they are, but that doesn't do any justice to the whole multitude of bloggers who just want to write. Because sadly, the attention seeking ones are usually the famous ones, and thus, the conclusion that non-bloggers arrive at.

I don't write for anyone. (Unless you're offering paid advertorials. I'm good with that)(Psst.. Email me.*wink wink*) I write because I like writing, and because I have experiences to share. I don't (often) post pictures of selfies, especially not those with certain types of 'bodily lines'. Starts with a "c" and the rest is up to your imagination. *hint*Not the 4 letter word. 

I've seen my fair share of attention whore bloggers trying to become famous. The truth is, if you have that special something, you don't need to try to be famous, you just... become famous. If you're trying, you might as well stop. Because it's usually embarrassing, and ugly. Not you ugly, trying too hard is ugly. You won't know how ugly it is, but people are actually laughing at you.

I've seen bloggers thinking they're better than non-bloggers. Just because. 

So you think your post with n grammatical errors/ broken english/ lots of camwhore pictures and 2 sentences is better than non-blogger written articles just because you're a blogger? You're just a joke. People who actually love to write don't expect monetary returns, if there is, the better, if there's not, well it's a hobby. If you're looking for a chance to squeeze money out of every word you type, you might as well become a typist.

Basically I'm telling you, attention whore blogger(s), to stop it. It's giving bloggers a bad name. We, the rest of the blogsphere do not want bimbos to represent us. So stahhp! 

Bloggers who write for the sake of loving it should passively stand up and show people that bloggers are not the deplorable gang of cheapskate celebrity wannabes. We shall unite and bitch slap these bloggers with our words! 

Ok rant over. 

If you skipped through most of it, here's a conclusion: not all bloggers are attention whores. Now read back and see why.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au revoir