Friday, 15 August 2014

Andes YO!

(Wanted to post this quite long ago but... procrastination happened.)

If you haven't heard of this shop that is famous for pork in Aman Suria,
I'm here to show you the world. of pork. =X
Andes YO!
Actually the shop is called Andes BYO
Had to take out the 'B' from the title because I'm not creative enough to encorporate the entire name into something cool. *hides*
BYO means Bring your own (alcohol) =p

My mom came to visit from Penang during the Raya weekend and since we have no idea where or what to eat,
I decided to give the shop a go instead.
Was not disappointed.

I went once before the relaunch, but I really liked what it looks like now.
It used to be a really homey place, but now it's really modern looking.

Sorry for my not so awesome photography skills. 
I just quickly snapped a pic since my mom was there.
Didn't want her to look at me being jakun.

The shop is divided into 2 area by metal shelf for wine glasses.
The outside part is a more open space with a bar;
the inside part has a more romantic ambiance to it.
Since it was a hot day, we decided to sit on the inside part, where the aircond is more... contained. 

The boss said the "wall" will one day be covered with wine bottles.
Go visit them and help them finish this project! X)

My mom ordered the Pork Burger 
And yes, I was too lazy to turn the tray around and take a pic of the burger.

I ordered Undercover Pork.
It's actually 2 really fat sausages wrapped with bacon. Yum!!!
The sausage is really compact so it was a big hard to chew, but it tastes nice!
The mushroom sauce (white stuff in pic above) is definitely something different.
I can't tell what's in the flavour mix, but daYUMMMM. (lol) 

I went there again on Jason's birthday! Happy very belated birthday Jason!
This time, I ordered their 'recommended' Chili Padi Garlic Lamb Chop. 
Salivating just by writing about it.
I love my lamb chops, and this is one of a kind.
It's not exactly spicy, but the mixture of tastes makes it stand out from the usual lamb chops.

Ordered the Porky Fries too!
The first time I went it was on the house, and this time I went, I had to order it again because I LIKES!

The birthday boy.

With Tania/ Cocoro/ 晓婷 and Jason. 

Welp, Jason is more like a sister to me.
We used to stay in the same hostel during uni times and the friendship just bloomed from then,
and stayed on all this while, turning into sisterhood.
Cocoro is a junior from the same hostel and faculty. She speaks italiano. *gestures with hand*
Love this girl so much because we have so much in common!

2 people that I wouldn't mind spending loads of time with
and I love them both to bits. and pieces. and minces. *no cannibal*

Will definitely go back to the shop for more lamb chop. I miss it already. XD

If you're interested to try out the yummy pork burger and chili padi garlic lamb chop from Andes BYO, go to their Facebook page for information about bookings, and updates.

Andes BYO: K-G-11, Jalan PJU 1/43 Aman Suria Damansara
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Contact No: 03-7497 1875

If you have waze, just search: ANDES BYO.

P.s. All information can be found under "About" on their Facebook page. Link is above.

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