Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Birthday No Bash

Yay birthday!! 

Older me reporting for duty! Older, but just as vain. 

I don't want people to know my birthday actually. I didn't show it on Facebook. 

I'm terrible at remembering birthdays, so I have this thinking that if people wished me on my birthday, I'd have to wish them back too. I'd rather keep my birthday a secret than trying to remember those of others, or to 'owe' them. =X 

There was a 3 day back-to-back celebration with different people.
Those that love me and I love back. 
The first day was spent with the No.1 on list of "people that I love (excluding family)".
It was just a simple day out at Pavilion and the 'Golden Triangle',
and we didn't take any pics together. 
We're camerashy low profile that way.
Here's a pic of my lunch instead.

Lunch at a Japanese restaurant and dinner at an Italian one, both in 6th floor of Pavilion.
Spent a shitload of money and that's how I'm always poor on birthday months.
Because there's birthday promotions EVERYWHERE!

Second day was celebrated with people that I hate and love at the same time a.k.a family.
Well more like my sisters. Parents were at Butterworth and being the good daughter, of course I didn't go home. 
I'm useless 'independent' that way.
Both my sisters are in Klang Valley now, so yay! Sisters + 1 bro-in-law hangout!

We went to Lala Chong for SEAFOOD!!
And of course, my favourite, CRAB!!
I actually had crab 4 times in 1.5months.
High cholesterol whuut.
The food was just meh, honestly.

There were other food, but since I'm not a fan of taking food pics (that I didn't cook), there's there.

My actual birthday day I celebrated with my babes/bitches.
The people that I can be crazy with. Yes, I can be crazy. Literally and figuratively. =X
Only a handful get to see that side of me (thankfully).

This pic was taken on a different day.
We went to Chili's in the mall next to Digital Mall in section 14, since it was a Monday and I finish work later than everyone else. 

The 2 people that I don't mind spending lots of time with. 

Thanks everyone who wished me!! I will try to remember your birthday and wish you back ok? Okay. 


There were no big celebrations, but it's the people that count, and these are dearly to me. 
All my loves, with the exception of 1, my extra love.
I love simplicity, and that is how I roll, even for my big 26th.

That's what J_Fish has to say! Au Revoir!

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