Friday, 13 June 2014

Pitchforks for a cert

The news is that University Malaya (UM) will be issuing e-certificates, and those who prefer to have that AND the conventional print-out degree would have to pay RM50.

Honestly, I don't see a problem with that. 

Among many, the argument include:
1. I've been studying so hard to graduate and all I'm getting is just an e-scroll?
-No. You've been studying so hard to graduate and you can get the scroll if you PAY for it. And, you've been studying to graduate, not just to get a print-out scroll. An e-scroll works just the same. 

2. I just want a piece to bring away after I leave UM.
-PAY for it.

3. What? Just an e-scroll? Please think about my parents' feelings.
-Urm... The graduation ceremony will still go on. The "scroll" which we receive during that is just an empty casing. No need to be all dramatic and bring in your parents' feelings. Also, fact check before you whine.

4. UM is bloodsucking.
-Yes. (No argument there, but we DID pay very little compared to private unis. So there's that.) 

My point is, if it really means that much to you, paying RM50 for it is close to nothing.

Dear all, getting your scroll/ degree probably is the most significant thing ever for your uni life, but trust me, after you start working, you won't even see the piece of paper any more, unless you decide to frame it up. Mine is lying in the "Interview Folder" with all my other certificates which is now figuratively covered in dust. It's in a box on top of my cupboard. If I stamped all my things, it would have the "not important but I might need it some day" stamp.

If it means that much, pay for it. You'll earn the money back in approximately 2 days when you start working.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

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