Monday, 30 June 2014

A Quick But Sweet Getaway

Another trip to Pangkor, and I'm still in love. This is my third trip in 4 years. 
Our high school gang decided to take a trip together,
but ended up all the guys bailed, and it became a girl bonding time lol.

It took us around 4 hour to get from KL to the Waterfront Jetty, Lumut.
My friends went over from Butterworth so our meet up point was the jetty.

There's a multi-level parking building which charges RM0.60 per hour.

Ticket for the ferry to go over is RM10, 2 ways. 
Remember to keep the ticket because you'll need it coming back.

The ferry trip takes around 45 mins,
and before we reach Pangkor, there'll be one stop, don't get down!
Get off at the second stop with Jetty Pangkor written on the sign.

The taxis are pink vans which you can find right outside the jetty.
Car and bike rentals are both available too.

We took the taxi to Pankor Puteri Resort, which is actually just a simple apartment block.
It's clean and affordable.
We rented a 3 room apartment for 8 pax max,
and we got a double storey place.

Definitely worth the price!!

We rented bicycles for RM10 for 24 hours.
The ride was tiring because... hills. lol
It was fun though.

We got to see lots of magnificent sceneries, but since the youngest among us is turning 26 in 7 days,
we gave up after around 1.5 hours hahahaha.
So much for 24 hour bike rental.

Ended up almost dying when we finally reached the starting point.
That was when we chatted with the owner of the restaurant where we had lunch.
He told us where to find nice and affordable breakfast, and ikan bilis.
Even though us how to choose them and explained which are the good species. 

Since our initial plan was to ride the bike until sunset, we had nothing to do,
and Uncle Lim said his brother has a boat and brings people on snorkeling trips.
None of us were prepared to dive, so we said we'll just go "island hopping".


Since it wasn't too expensive, we just went with it.

First (literal) stop was at Pangkor Laut.
The private island.
These chalets in the picture below costs around 2k per night.
The middle-class gang could only think what OTHER things we can spend that money on lol.
Shows the difference in standard eh?

He brought us to see some rocks that need but a little imagination to become interesting.
There were 4 turtles, a crocodile, a whale, a real mad man's residence (seen a distance away of course).
He said the man's wife left him and he became crazy and just lived on that small stretch of beach, living off scraps from the resorts nearby. =(
Kind of a sad story until uncle said the man told him not to trust women, especially pretty ones, and only pick the ones with big mouths and big ass. LOLWTF? hahahahaha

Can you see the stone "whale" above?

 He brought his son along, and they were trying to fish for squids.
Too bad the tides were too high. They didn't get any.
He said we could eat them raw. 
We didn't believe him. =X

After the boat trip we enjoyed it so much we decided to give a tip.
Trust me, that doesn't happen often. =X

Right after we got off the boat, we went for dinner.
All sticky with tangled hair and sandy feet.

 The Lim Brothers. 

The older uncle Lim is the restaurant owner which is at the corner of Pangkor Puteri.
We had lunch and dinner at his place and it was AFFORDABLE. And yummy.
For lunch we chose individual meals. 
I had Butter-Fried Mantis Shrimp Rice for RM5.
The other dishes are around that price.

For dinner we ordered 3 crabs, Butter-fried squid, Kangkung Belacan, Stir-fry lala, and tofu. Everyone was full, and it costs us less than RM20 each.
Can you imagine all that seafood for less than RM20?

The younger Uncle Lim is owner of Pangkor Holiday House.
He's the man who brought us around for our unexpected sea adventure and told us a lot of stories.
And jokes. Lots of them.
He explained a lot of fish related things to us. 
Definitely learned a lot from these 2 uncles!!!

Old uncle Lim is really good at photography and he showed us the pictures he took.
I guess with a view so good, you'll get more motivation to practice!

Young uncle Lim is a fishing enthusiast, but he insists that it's not to harm the fishes for fun.
He showed us loads of pictures of the fishes he caught, the activities he provides for his homestay, and the groups that he brought out to sea. 

It's all in his personal profile lol.

The view from the first floor of our unit this morning. 

 Such a nice trip!
First, I hadn't been on a trip with my highschool gang since after form 5.
Second, we leart a lot from these 2 uncles. It was entertaining and educational.
If you're going over, visit them and maybe you'll learn something from them too!

I don't remember the name of big uncle Lim's restaurant, but it's at the end of the road of Pasir Bogak.
And here ends part 1. If you have questions about prices, leave a comment.

Part 2 is about our half day Ipoh trip (if I'm harworking).

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. The views look so serene and the beach is pretty clean too! Should plan a trip there soon :D

  2. It's really nice!! And it's off season now because of Ramadhan so things are cheaper. =X