Monday, 5 May 2014

The Other Woman- Afterthoughts

-If you're going to get married, marry someone (filthy) rich.- Me.

The Other Woman is about Carly (Cameron Diaz), a beautiful and successful lawyer who falls for this too-good-to-be-true man just to later find out that well, he is too good to be true. He's married. The wife of the man, Kate (Leslie Mann) realizing she just met his husbands girlfriend, breaks down and ended up seeking help from *wait for it* Carly. They soon became the weirdest bff duo ever and decides to take revenge for breaking their hearts. After a little digging, the duo finds out that there's yet another woman, Amber (Kate Upton) and they team up with her, just to cover more aspects of his life and mess him up more.

Honestly, it wasn't that funny. I heard people laughing now and then, but there wasn't a lot of ha ha moments for me. At most 1 ha ha and a few "hmm hmm" (blowing extra wind through the nose laugh). Movie date feels the same.

Kate Upton contributes nothing other than the beach scene. If you take her out of the movie, it still goes on without the need to change the story line.

After watching The Other Woman, my conclusion is stated in the first line. I've been hearing a heck lot of cheating stories from friends lately, and it's no longer surprising to hear that people DO cheat. With all the technology nowadays, flirting is just a tap on an app away.

Seeing Kate go through the struggle of losing her husband and her marriage, it makes me wonder how it actually feels to be cheated on. What if I think that I've found the right man, get married, and end up realizing that it's just a big joke on myself. I would have lost a big part of me, a lot of trust for anyone. There's no guarantee that a poor man won't cheat, but if I marry a rich man, at least I can get something out of it. =/

Call me negative, but this thinking is probably right. Sigh.

I don't believe in true love (anymore). It has evolved into just how much you don't piss the other person off to be able to stay together for the rest of your lives, and be loyal.

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