Wednesday, 7 May 2014

A trip down profile picture lane

I have no idea why but while I was preparing to start doing my freelance work, I decided to click on my profile picture, and continue clicking next until I had the idea of doing this post. Ok so I know exactly why I clicked on the picture. Procrastination. There, I said it. I wanted to make this post because there were so many pictures which brought back so much memories... And also of procrastination. 

So let's start from more recent ones to the oldest ones. Only selected few are shown here. Don't worry. 

 The first and only time I tried the "too short fringe" "edgy" look. 

My first time "modelling" for an online shop.
We drove to Putrajaya really early on a Sunday morning just to have rain for almost 1 hour.
In the end we decided to F*ck it and just start shooting, and it just stopped raining lol.

Playing with cam and make up. When I still had long hair. (Which I miss so, so much) I used to try taking self-portraits in my room, when I didn't have a roommate. Good times. 

The Henessy Artistry Finale of 2012 Absolutely LOVE this pic! And that's my tongue btw. Probably one of the best HAs that I went to. The one that I got terribly drunk at. So glamorous. I was from then on, remembered as the girl who marked her territory. 

Hey, how you doin? I use to love playing with make up so much. 

 When I first learned Adobe Illustrator. I had purple and red hair in real life then, hence the purple and red "ombre" hair for my character.

My make up self!! I miss you so much, you stupid kid!

Black hair, brown eyebrows, but my face was so skinny that time I forgive myself. 

 Oh I love this phase so much! This was when I first got my first experience with hair extensions. I even have a bunch of hot pink hair! 

 From the comments of this pic, it says that I changed it to this pic because my parents were complaining about my other profile pictures being too fierce.
I was trying to be "sweet" in this pic, and dad approves, so it's all good.

 Told you I use to like to play with make up. My colleague edited one of the pics into this. My skin is absolutely flawless here unlike my skin in real life. 
It's red lipstick and eyeliner

 I love how my eyes looked in this pic. I can't get this look no matter how much I tried. *sigh*

Named the pic "cow harassment". This was the day right after the second Where's The Party 2011(?)
If you click and enlarge it, you can see that I have a sun "tattoo" on my neck.
One of the ideas I would go for if I ever get a tattoo.
That's the moo cow statue in The Gardens Mall. Use to love Moo Cow so much!

I used to be this skinny. *sigh*
And again, self-portrait in the first room I ever rented.
The room was really, really big. There was room for 2 queen size beds, a built in 5 door cupboard, and then some.
I bought the wall stickers for the background. 
Hair is extensions. 

I did the duck face before... it was even called the duck face, and briefly used it as my profile pic. This was way back in 2011. 

 Yes, I used to have crazy hair. But that was because of bad perming. 

 Never got over how much I love this picture. That was the first time I ever went out with Shii Teck, who introduced me to my current group of blogger friends.
My life would be so different without him. =)

This pic and the one below are both self-portraits. 
I used my Samsung Galaxy Ace, set timers and skid over the floor just to pose like it's cool. 

Been to uni, graduated!

Hair extensions my friend bought back from China. And my Samsung Galaxy Ace. When we could still change the casing of our phones. 

Erm, I used to be... cute. Wig from Taobao. I threw it away because it got so tangled up in the end it's impossible to use anymore, despite the fact that I bought a wig stand for it. =(

This was for a game. When I first joined my company.

Erm, more cute pics I guess. I use to edit my face so much I become a porcelain doll. 

When I was in uni, I wore blue contact lenses, had light brown hair and loved it, and dotted my zits to make them look like moles because moles are sexier than zits.
Deceptions I give myself.

This was my first ever "photoshoot". Basically went to Penang Island with my friends and laid on the Padang Kota and pretended to be models. My favourite pic of that trip. The rest were... not so worth looking at. lol

 For cartoon week or something along the lines. My favourite character in Slam Dunk. <3 p="">
My dear, dear, no.7 who I assume uses 1 jar of hair gel per day. 

And the final pic for this post, I present to you
Hand painted sneakers. 
Yes, I used to pait my own shoes.
I always went to Bata and got the North Star RM39.90 pair of white school shoes
and just paint on it!!

And I used to paint the name of my crush into my shoes, and all sorts of other things that I paint. =P

The other pics which I used as profile pics are mostly camwhore ones that don't really bring back significant memories, and most of them are not very flattering lol. Too high angle ones, mostly. 

If you want to see more of me *cough*, follow me on instagram
That's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

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