Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Maze Runner

Pose with book because that's how people "prove" they read.

For the first time ever, I finished a book BEFORE the movie came out. *achievement unlocked*

I was browsing through the Popular Sale in 1U while waiting for the screening of Captain America: The Winter Soldier (thanks Nuffnang!!) and at first, I saw the book set of Game of Thrones on sale, 5 books for RM150. I took it, put it back, took it, put it back a few times, and decided that 5 paperbacks for RM150 isn't that worth the money. So I (sadly) walked away, then I saw the book set for The Maze Runner series + the prequel: The Kill Order. 4 books for RM60. Fair enough.

It took me about 2 weeks to finish the first book. I'm not that much of a book lover, I won't say that to make myself sound "nerdy cook" (unlike a lot of posers out there). I do, however, read occasionally. It's something my parents nurtured us sisters into since we were young. They bought a lot of books for us, (my dad mostly, mom thinks we should just borrow from libraries. They're both right in their own way.)

Now about The Maze Runner. I didn't know what it's suppose to be about. When I first started reading it, I didn't fall in love right away. Everything was vague, and I can't get a mental image.

Now that I've finished, I'm glad I bought the entire set, because the first book ends with a hang. It's saying "To Be Continued..." without using the words. If it wasn't because I finished reading the first book before I went to work, I would have started on the second book.

The Maze Runner is about Thomas, the protagonist who one day woke up in a metallic box with no significant memory at all. The metallic box turns out to be a lift and he was headed to a place called "The Glade", with teen boys (Gladers) running the place. They grow some of their food, and some food and most supplies are sent to them by "The Creators (of The Glade)" through "The Box" a.k.a the lift. None of the boys have any memory of their past, and were all sent to this place for reasons unknown to them. All they know was there's a huge maze surrounding The Glade, and they need to find a way out of it.

They have a good social organization and everyone has at least one duty. Some were cooks, some were farmers, some were builders, etc. The best of the best become the Runners, who are the ones in charge of finding a way out in the maze. Every day they head out, run around in the maze, and come back before the stone doors close. The stone doors close every night, to protect them from the Grievers, machines, or at least something that I imagine as machines that have 1 job: kill the boys, or at least poison them.

Thomas, as the protagonist, is of course different from the other boys. He slowly discovered his "destiny" as the book goes on, and eventually finds a way out of The Glade with some help. Did he manage to save the Gladers is for you to find out.

[Spoilers kinda] (If you're a logical person, you'll know that yes, he did, because there are 2 more books) [Spoilers ends]

The book didn't give a good explanation of everything, but I just went with the flow and read on. In the end, some of the things were explained, but with an invisible "you'll have to read the entire series to understand everything" note attached. Or maybe we're not meant to understand most of the things, maybe they're just plot holes the autor were too lazy to patch up. I'll tell you when I do finish the rest. =X

Was it a good book? It's meant for young adults, so to me, it's not sophisticated enough. If you want to read it, you can borrow it from me. Just make sure I get it back. =p

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
P.s. I'm interested to see how the film makers make it end without the hanging ending.


  1. Pose with book to prove you've read the book eh. Wait this weekend I go take picture with a book so I can show ppl that I read too (which I've not been doing for decades!)

  2. Hehe. Other than that reason, I don't know why other people would pose with a book. =X