Friday, 18 April 2014

Fresh grad these days

I'm not sure if people that I know are mostly from Public universities so we have the same way of seeing things, or the fresh grads few years after me have unrealistic expectations of their first job. 

First we start with salary. People actually expect to get at least RM2.5k and above as a fresh grad? Well it depends on which company you go to and what kind of degree you hold, (of course people with professional degrees could expect more) but most companies would only offer RM2k. 

If you expect to start buying a house and a car with your own salary once you graduate, you're delusional. Well it's possible if you have parents to help pay for the down payment, but even then, you could only get a car with that pay. 

That's if, you stay at home. If you rent a place by your own, it would cost more. Rent, utilities, and food would take up most of your salary. 

If you expect to be paid a lot, you better expect the stress and 'no life' lifestyle which comes with it. 

A few of my friends earns a lot after a year of working, but they have no time to spend it because of all the OT. With all that work, you would be lucky to be able to stay free during both days of the weekend, and by then, you'd be too lazy to go out. 

With no experience and a bachelor's degree like a lot of other people out there, what makes you think you deserve more than others? 

Let's look at it like this: a degree ensures that you are on a leveled playing field as others. What takes you to the next level is you capability, intelligence, and maturity. 

Start low, and if you're really capable, they'll give you a raise because you'll be an asset. If you want a 9-5 job which pays well, good luck. It's possible to find, but you'd need a lot of Lady Luck's smiling rays to shine upon you. 

That's what J_Fish has to say~ 

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  1. first off, i'm pretty excited when i found out that you're a communication student!
    and by reading your blog, it helps me understand what i am expecting too in the future,
    and yeah, i see my sister work oso lydat, damn stressful , but after a few years she became a senior , the work load become less, so maybe you have to endure it a little
    and my sister is getting married too! 1st of June! haha the dress you picked up is gorgeous!