Monday, 21 April 2014

Easy, A

It's a play of words with the movie title Easy A, you know, with Emma Stone in it. (LOVE IT, LOVE HER).

"A" here is a man whom I've known for a few years now, but rarely had the chance (or need) to talk to, until very recently. Ok, let's call him MISTER A, out of respect. (Or as the oh-so-me would put it, Mr A).

(Had to pause writing and finish my lives in Candy Crush because I'm easily distracted. FMAttentionSpan.)

So, back to Mr A. He is someone who has a lot of life knowledge that he is always ready to share, BUT he always could twist those lessons back towards himself in the end and make it work for him. I'm just going to share some of that here.

(Had to pause writing and tried to learn "The Way You Look Tonight" on the uku. FMAP 2. Hopefully there's no 3.)

1. People only have 30 thousand days on earth, no more, no less. (No idea how he explains those people who die young) No matter if you're happy or sad, 30k will be 30 k. (Live it well).
2. We use our first 10 thousand days to learn, the second 10k days to use what we learned, and the last 10k days to reap what we sowed.
3. That's why we have to learn as much as we can. Don't wait till working hours to learn (about work related stuff), even weekends should be fully used for learning (work related stuff).
4. We have to keep pushing ourselves, keep learning. Make full use of our lives.
5. When the 30k days are up, make sure that you can say that you have lived a good life. Make sure you won't regret because you did nothing your entire life.

Here's what he actually means: OT FYL. (Even though the work concerned is not urgent) Wait, what life, life is for people who are in their final 10k days.

Well, if you're thinking that I'm a lazy person, I do learn after working hours, just that I would like to learn something that's unrelated to work. It might or might not help me earn a lot of money, but I'm sure I would be happier than to spend my entire 20k days ONLY doing work related stuff. If the work is urgent and it's my responsibility to finish it, then I would OT. But I finish my work very fast so that never needed to happen. If it's not urgent, why would I need to OT? I plan my time well enough to avoid that.

Not everyone wants to be a millionair you know. Some of us are just content with having a simple life.

I'm not saying I don't want to learn about work, but if it's about filling myself with knowledge, it might as well get in line.

ALSO, I would like to be more focused if it's learning about work. I've been learning to be a translator and copywriter, and now I'm doing something entirely different. If it's about learning, I think I should more or less master something before moving on, if not I would feel that all my life I've never accomplished something and just gave up half way through. How else would I be able to answer myself when the 30k days is up?

We all have our own way of life, so I didn't answer back, out of respect, out of fear, because I don't want to step on toes. Some of his life lessons are worth pennies.

The lesson learned: Take the advice, decide which are the ones that you actually want to keep. Discard the rest, or write it down for the future you. Maybe you'll see things differently when you're his age. Maybe not. Discard then.

Did pause again to play games on my phone, chat on FB, and blanked out awhile so FMAP 3, 4 and 5. Not too bad.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

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