Friday, 28 March 2014

Captain America - Afterthoughts

***Written right after premier screening but forgot I can't update a post for at least 48 hours. Okayface. Rescheduled

Can you hear those panties dropping. Or as Iris the black cat puts it: Ovaries exploding.

It's 1am and I had a struggle between sleeping and writing and well since you're reading this, you guess who won.

Captain America. Captain captain captain. Where do I even begin...

Let's start with action.
The entire movie was action packed. Full of explosions and shootings and hand to hand combat, and combinations of those, and repeat. Probably about 25% of the movie was talking. The rest is ping pang powww!!

The story line was nice. There were a few times they made a lot of people 'LOL' for real, and there were a few snigger worthy moments, but nothing significantly worth your 'wtf'. Ok there was one part which I actually heard a collective gasp of realization, but *cough* I guessed it *cough*.

I did enjoy the occasional humour.

Assuming I have extra fast metabolism/ healing like our dear Captain Rogers, here are a few "ovary exploding" moments which I can remember:
1. Whenever Chris Evans/ Captain America smiles
2. When Captain America said 3 French words in his (sexy) manly, deep voice: On va voir. I say Ooooh~~~~~lala~ *fans self*
3. When Chris Evans was... cleaning up. He was wearing a (very tight) T-Shirt and I finally noticed how big his guns were. And by guns, I meant biceps. I think if I stood beside them, they'll be the same size as my face. Not exaggerating.
4. Whenever Chris Evans even comes close to looking into the camera.
5. The rest would require spoilers.

*hater moment* (Ok, I'm not actually a hater, I'm just giving my honest opinion)

Scarlett Johansson is still the ass of the movie. There was this scene, about 3 full seconds dedicated solely to her ass, enough time for me to turn and whisper 'Dat ass' to my movie date. And she did a lot of ass-kicking. A lot of ass was involved. Oh wait, there's more to her than that. There was also... boobs. Acting? I would be kissing ass if I said she acted well. (See what I did there?) There was basically not much acting needed on her part. She says everything with a straight (but pretty) face. Her hair was really ugly too. *bimbo alert* *runs away*

*Runs back*

There were a lot of flashing lights/ explosions. I don't know if sitting on the third row from the front affects anything, but I felt I was at a press conference. By a lot I mean if they made a video solely on the flashing and explosions in this movie, it would probably last about 5 mins.

The fight scenes were quite annoying because you can't really see anything. The camera was zoomed in too much that basically you know they're fighting, but you can't see properly how. I guess that's the new way of filming?

Ok my mind is starting to shut down. Will update if something else comes to mind.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. Just a hunch, I could be wrong, but I'm guessing Chevrolet is a big sponsor.

There is 1 mid-credit scene, and 1 after credit scene. At the very end.

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  1. Dude I tahan not to read any review until I watch it....but still I come & see how hot is my hubby lol. I HAVEN'T WATCH LAAAA I WANNA GET MY *BEEEP* EXPLODE LAAAA.

    K thanks bye *run*