Friday, 7 February 2014

Open Crisis

I saw a post opportunity and I took it. 

Also, it's Friday!!! And there's gossip.

Just kidding. I saw a friend being cyberbullied. So... I recorded everything "sent to all". =X

I received an email from a company offering a small fee for a 200 character (please note: character, not word) review with 5 photos. 

*All names of bloggers, email addresses, and the company name is not shown to avoid future legal actions, which you will read about in the pictures below. 

(Click on pics to view in original size. You can continue reading on the subsequent pictures since I didn't add in useful stuff between pictures)

The first email received. Sent to 300+ people, with all emails visible to everyone. Date and time of email is incorrect. Gmail screw up I suppose.

First angry reply.

Second angry reply

Third angry reply

 Final angry reply

And a final clarification email from the said PR/ company.

I have a few things to say before I end this post:

1. PRIVACY is so important to a certain blogger that when "they" reply to all, "they" forgot "they" also spread the emails of everyone to everyone. 
In my honest opinion,
just because someone did it first doesn't give you exemption from being punished, you're just an accomplice. Since the person's blog does take money in exchange for blogposts, does it mean said blogger can be charged under the same act which "they" have brought up?

2. No point attacking the person for her PR skills because it does not affect the recipient of the email in any way. I don't think anyone will be terribly affected after reading an email with errors. It just affects the company's reputation, which is none of our business.

3. Grammatical mistakes happen, even for people who are very careful. Before you point out the mistakes of others, please make sure that you constantly practice near perfect grammar. I sent out an email about this incident, proof-read it before and after lunch, and yet there was an error. (If anyone received the email noticed) I didn't realize until a fellow blogger pointed it out to me (in private). 

4. Just because you think someone isn't professional enough, doesn't mean you have to stoop low. Being rude to someone who is not rude to you but angered you because of something out of the person's control, is stooping low.

5.Exposing P&C information, especially when you know it's P&C reveals how much a professional you are. NOT. 

6. For the final angry reply: Most of the recipients have acknowledged and understood the company involved gives bad rates. So what is the purpose of that angry reply? To show off that you've worked with many companies and have considerably high traffic? Mind you, there are bloggers in the list who are more popular and did not rant about all that. 

Or are you just captain obvious in disguise?

7. I believe that every company have the right to set their own guideline for what is considered high/ low traffic count. It's like how everyone has a different perspective of beauty. If you want to tell the company where to set the bar, become a shareholder maybe? =D

8. If you're unhappy with the payment offered by an organisation/ company/ or even an individual, ignore it, reject it, add them into a blacklist and spread it among your friends. Giving the PR a hard time doesn't get you anywhere. It just shows what kind of person you are (psst... Not a nice one).

And finally, to all my dear bloggers,
even if you're angry and must express your unhappiness,
stay classy.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. Constructive criticism is very welcomed. 
Those who are burned, too bad.


  1. Charmaine 在此一游 (obviously not constructive)

  2. T.T y u burn my pi gu. Though I really find the CC thingy is annoying lol.

  3. Hey, your 1st picture got the company name wei lol

  4. So thats the company that sent out the email lol

  5. why i am not in the email loop??? i'm going to shoot the PR for having better engrand than me and still paying peanuts!! having most worst engrand should be rewarded with better good paid!!! you can take away our peanuts, but you can't take away our bad engrand!!!

  6. Thanks for pointing out my mistake, Cow that Bite! lol. I swear I read it a few times and yes there's still one left out tsk.

  7. Actually hor, grammar error was not an issue. I did not even realize it was cc and not bcc until i saw it floating around on FB.

    Sure enough, people loves drama, and of course to dramatise even further the things that they had mentioned. Its human nature I suppose.

    People run on emotions, and maybe, just maybe it is that time of the month where people get butthurt even more easily than before.

    Owhhhh, please don't punish me for my poor poor grammar. Me don't really know grammar that well :P

  8. I didn't realize I received all these cc/angry reply email until I read this post.... lol