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Is it ironic that Lorde is now "royal"?

Lorde, the 17 going 18 girl who shot to fame for a song about anti-materialism in music, is the current music royalty, (which usually is overthrown very soon after, yet, royalty). Can she withstand the temptation of turning herself into living irony?

The thing about materialism is that it's easier to brush it off when you know you can't afford it. That Prada bag? That Berkin Kelly? Meh. Not interested. Because I know even if I could save enough money to get even one of them, big names just don't fit into a small bank account.

The real test of "royalty syndrome" starts when you have the money. If you're from a middle-class family, it's easier to give the "I want a better life for my family" excuse. It's a legitimate reason, of course, but the question is: when do you stop? I think it would usually be when you turn around, you'll realize "oh **** (insert appropriate 4 letter curse word), what have I become?", which is a little too late.

I have a lot of friends and acquaintances who complain A LOT about first world problems. You think your problems are big? Go to an undeveloped country, or even our neighboring less developed countries and take a look.

I didn't take a trip, but I know the pain of some. I help support a child from Vietnam, with the help of World Vision MY. I didn't know what I was getting into at first. I think I heard of it through one of my friends about "adopting" a child, and my favorite question came up: Why not?

I was just earning RM1.8k, with rent, living expenses and bills to fully pay by myself. So I'd like to hear your excuse on not having money.

When I started this "support", I didn't do much research. (Typical me.) But everything is explained plainly in the website. I signed up, and I just had to give RM50 per month, and I'm helping someone. The price has now been increased to RM65, but hey, it's RM15 more. Pretty sure that's just one meal's payment for a lot of city dwellers.

So what did I learn from this child sponsorship?

They're happy to have electricity and running water at home. No kidding. The first annual report I received had this in check. They actually made it a point to report to us that they have electricity and running water in their community.

Meanwhile, in KL, people are complaining about traffic jams and slow internet speed. Look at us.

"First world problems".

Everyone reading this, I'm assuming that you're not struggling financially. You have internet connection, free time, and a gadget to read a blog on. If you could save *RM65/RM80 every month (highly possible), you are able to help sponsor a child, and help an entire community. The money from your contribution goes to the entire community your sponsored child lives in.

You can be part of the solution to the question : What if the answer to cure cancer is trapped in someone who can't afford an education?

If you're saying you can't save up RM65 each month to help a whole community, I don't believe you.

I know for a fact that most of my friends are quite well off. If you stay with your parents and is working a full time job, don't give me crap excuses. Cut down on your entertainment expenses. Buy less Chatime, Starbucks, make up, nail polish, hair products, games, whatever your drug is, and give that blardy money to someone who actually needs it, instead of the huge corporations or over-priced shops.

I'm not judging you for spending all that money. Just saying that it would be nice to help someone with it. Remember that in the eyes of some, we are already living the life of royals.

Maybe I'm giving to help kill that guilty conscious I get when I buy un-necessities, or when I'm eating at an over-priced restaurant; maybe I'm actually just faking the generosity and just want recognition as a nice person; maybe I genuinely want to help someone less fortunate. It doesn't matter, I'm helping. Why won't you?

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. Ask me about child sponsorship. Leave a comment or email me at, or visit World Vision MY

*RM65 for Asian countries, RM80 for non-Asian countries.

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