Monday, 20 January 2014

Getting ready for Shanghai Night


I've been sick for almost 2 weeks, and not continuously. 
I was sick for 1 full week, recovered for about 3 days, and fell sick for another 1 week. 
Been to the doctor twice and spent almost RM150, took 12 types of meds in total,
and I'm finally slowly recovering. 
For the second time.

There were nights when I coughed myself awake wtf.
I have no idea how it got so bad since I went to the doctor the next day I fell sick.

The upside of being sick: lost weight
The downside of being sick: (other than the obvious suffering): Boobs got smaller.

The downside of being sick when you don't stay with family: you drive yourself to the doctor, and cook your own non-instant food. 

So instead of a 3 day long weekend like everyone else, I had 4 days, because I was on MC on Thursday.
But trust me, it wasn't a good weekend. 
I had to avoid all oily food and cold drinks, which is basically 99% of outside food.
I avoided going out because the aircond in the car made my cough worse.

I still did went out though.
Out with my sister on Friday because she wanted to try out wedding dresses.
Yes, my sister dearest is getting married. 
Sisters are always godzillas. 
I argue with my sisters all the time, more with my older sister than with younger sister because of the age difference.
My sister is 3 years older and younger sister is 6 years younger.
So obviously I spent more time with the older sisterzilla growing up.
The thing is, we might argue like we're going to tear each other's faces off,
but after maybe 10 minutes, we'll be talking like normal.
I don't know if boys do that too.

I'm basically quite the "bff" with my younger sister because we don't have much time to hate each other lol.

I even wear her clothes and pretend to be same age as her. =X
Pretend young.

after being stuck at home for almost the whole weekend,
I've decided that I'm wasting too much time doing nothing.
I'm not sick enough to do nothing; not healthy enough to do anything life-changing/ useful,
so I decided to try out some make up and hair do for my coming company dinner.

The theme?
Shanghai Night.

I loathe the idea.
Who would like the idea of having dinner in a cheongsam?
And there's "Best Dressed" competition.
After all the food,
everyone is going to look like pregnant ladies squeezing into cheongsams that might hurt their babies.

Anyway, since the theme is set, I might as well go with the flow.
I already have a cheongsam.
So the deal was to get the props and look more 1920's Shanghai lady/ call girl, depending on my hair and make up.

I tried to go with the lady look of course. 
With a fan.
I bought the fan when I was in Bangkok.
It was terribly sunny that day, and we were walking a lot, so I bought it from a stall for 20baht. 

Made my nose straighter. I actually have a slight bump on the nose from this angle. 

I have brown eyeshadow to line the crease of my eyes, 
black gel liner from Kiss Me, 
false lashes from Sasa, 
lipstick in Red (10) from Bobby Brown. 
With blusher too, but it's not really visible. 
Contoured the nose with brown eyeshadow. 
Honestly, don't waste extra money to get bronzer/ contouring powder if you're just going to contour your nose. 
Find a shade of brown eyeshadow that doesn't look too fake for the nose "shadow".

I also edited my nose in all the pictures. My nose and face are not that small/ sharp/ straight in real life.

Lady enough?

 Played with the light. 
I like this pic.

I posted a black and white version of this on instagram

And this is the full size and coloured one.

I'm still trying very hard to make my extensions look "normal".
They are real hair, just not mine.
Since my own hair is very, very straight, the extensions look a little off because they're wavy.
The only way to make them "blend" is second day hair, and a curler.  

Stay tuned for the full version of the look, since dinner is this Friday.
Hopefully I can find those long pearl necklaces somewhere.
Should I tie my hair up into a bun? Or is this wavy look ok? Tell me!! Please? 

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. All pictures edited. As usual.

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