Tuesday, 11 November 2014

H-Artistry 2014 Finale Coming Your way!

H-Artistry returns to KL this 15th November! Despite not being able to attend it *sigh* here are the deets for this epic yearly event!  

The Global Art of Mixing party slated for KL, rides off the success of H-Artistry Penang earlier in May 2014 and promises another epic not-to-be-missed party experience to remember.

Featuring a stellar line up of artists from around both East AND West, this signature super-clubbing event will take place at the Malaysia International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC) in Mines Resort City on 15 November 2014 starting from 7.00pm onwards.

Party goers can expect to get pumped by H-Artistry’s signature super-clubbing party experience with an eclectic mix of sights, sounds and taste. Featuring the latest up and coming local, regional and international acts against a trademark mashup of genres and music styles with Unique, One Night Only collaborations, this year’s H-Artistry will definitely elevate guests into a whole other dimension of party going.

Headlining KL’s H-Artistry is London born international award winning artist, Tinie Tempah, famous for his #1 hit on the UK Singles Chart debut single “Pass Out”, Japan’s newly formed mainstream group, Cream famous for lead-single, “Shooting Star” in their debut album, “DREAMIN”- An album  ranked No.1 on the iTunes Top Song Chart and the pop duo consisting of Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller, or better known as MKTO, famous for their debut single, "Thank You".

The epic finale of the H-artistry party will also feature Malaysia’s very own pop band Paperplane Pursuit, and the trio from Imma*Bleep*YouUp, enlivening every party with their very own brand of fist pumping house beats. Revellers will also be the first to witness the live renditions of the latest singles by these two prominent Malaysian acts, “Chasing Dreams” and “Live Forever”. The singles was an inspiration by the H-Artistry’s very own unique Global Art of Mixing platform that has connected these two artists from different genres and styles.

Our local acts:

The nation’s most anticipated party, H-Artistry - The Global Art of Mixing is the super clubbing event of the year, certainly one not to be missed!

H-Artistry is open to non-Muslims above the age of 18 only. For more information, log on to www.h-artistry.com.my.

If you're going, go all out, let your hair down for the night! But remember, drink responsibly!! Don't drink and drive! 

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~ 

Friday, 15 August 2014

Andes YO!

(Wanted to post this quite long ago but... procrastination happened.)

If you haven't heard of this shop that is famous for pork in Aman Suria,
I'm here to show you the world. of pork. =X
Andes YO!
Actually the shop is called Andes BYO
Had to take out the 'B' from the title because I'm not creative enough to encorporate the entire name into something cool. *hides*
BYO means Bring your own (alcohol) =p

My mom came to visit from Penang during the Raya weekend and since we have no idea where or what to eat,
I decided to give the shop a go instead.
Was not disappointed.

I went once before the relaunch, but I really liked what it looks like now.
It used to be a really homey place, but now it's really modern looking.

Sorry for my not so awesome photography skills. 
I just quickly snapped a pic since my mom was there.
Didn't want her to look at me being jakun.

The shop is divided into 2 area by metal shelf for wine glasses.
The outside part is a more open space with a bar;
the inside part has a more romantic ambiance to it.
Since it was a hot day, we decided to sit on the inside part, where the aircond is more... contained. 

The boss said the "wall" will one day be covered with wine bottles.
Go visit them and help them finish this project! X)

My mom ordered the Pork Burger 
And yes, I was too lazy to turn the tray around and take a pic of the burger.

I ordered Undercover Pork.
It's actually 2 really fat sausages wrapped with bacon. Yum!!!
The sausage is really compact so it was a big hard to chew, but it tastes nice!
The mushroom sauce (white stuff in pic above) is definitely something different.
I can't tell what's in the flavour mix, but daYUMMMM. (lol) 

I went there again on Jason's birthday! Happy very belated birthday Jason!
This time, I ordered their 'recommended' Chili Padi Garlic Lamb Chop. 
Salivating just by writing about it.
I love my lamb chops, and this is one of a kind.
It's not exactly spicy, but the mixture of tastes makes it stand out from the usual lamb chops.

Ordered the Porky Fries too!
The first time I went it was on the house, and this time I went, I had to order it again because I LIKES!

The birthday boy.

With Tania/ Cocoro/ 晓婷 and Jason. 

Welp, Jason is more like a sister to me.
We used to stay in the same hostel during uni times and the friendship just bloomed from then,
and stayed on all this while, turning into sisterhood.
Cocoro is a junior from the same hostel and faculty. She speaks italiano. *gestures with hand*
Love this girl so much because we have so much in common!

2 people that I wouldn't mind spending loads of time with
and I love them both to bits. and pieces. and minces. *no cannibal*

Will definitely go back to the shop for more lamb chop. I miss it already. XD

If you're interested to try out the yummy pork burger and chili padi garlic lamb chop from Andes BYO, go to their Facebook page for information about bookings, and updates.

Andes BYO: K-G-11, Jalan PJU 1/43 Aman Suria Damansara
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Contact No: 03-7497 1875

If you have waze, just search: ANDES BYO.

P.s. All information can be found under "About" on their Facebook page. Link is above.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Birthday No Bash

Yay birthday!! 

Older me reporting for duty! Older, but just as vain. 

I don't want people to know my birthday actually. I didn't show it on Facebook. 

I'm terrible at remembering birthdays, so I have this thinking that if people wished me on my birthday, I'd have to wish them back too. I'd rather keep my birthday a secret than trying to remember those of others, or to 'owe' them. =X 

There was a 3 day back-to-back celebration with different people.
Those that love me and I love back. 
The first day was spent with the No.1 on list of "people that I love (excluding family)".
It was just a simple day out at Pavilion and the 'Golden Triangle',
and we didn't take any pics together. 
We're camerashy low profile that way.
Here's a pic of my lunch instead.

Lunch at a Japanese restaurant and dinner at an Italian one, both in 6th floor of Pavilion.
Spent a shitload of money and that's how I'm always poor on birthday months.
Because there's birthday promotions EVERYWHERE!

Second day was celebrated with people that I hate and love at the same time a.k.a family.
Well more like my sisters. Parents were at Butterworth and being the good daughter, of course I didn't go home. 
I'm useless 'independent' that way.
Both my sisters are in Klang Valley now, so yay! Sisters + 1 bro-in-law hangout!

We went to Lala Chong for SEAFOOD!!
And of course, my favourite, CRAB!!
I actually had crab 4 times in 1.5months.
High cholesterol whuut.
The food was just meh, honestly.

There were other food, but since I'm not a fan of taking food pics (that I didn't cook), there's there.

My actual birthday day I celebrated with my babes/bitches.
The people that I can be crazy with. Yes, I can be crazy. Literally and figuratively. =X
Only a handful get to see that side of me (thankfully).

This pic was taken on a different day.
We went to Chili's in the mall next to Digital Mall in section 14, since it was a Monday and I finish work later than everyone else. 

The 2 people that I don't mind spending lots of time with. 

Thanks everyone who wished me!! I will try to remember your birthday and wish you back ok? Okay. 


There were no big celebrations, but it's the people that count, and these are dearly to me. 
All my loves, with the exception of 1, my extra love.
I love simplicity, and that is how I roll, even for my big 26th.

That's what J_Fish has to say! Au Revoir!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

"Occupational Hazard"

Every job comes with its own occupational hazard. Although some might be more of a 'hazard' than an actual hazard, e.g. having 'no life' if you work in an office because you're mostly stuck in a confined space like your cubicle or your car while commuting, having back problems due to long hours of sitting, etc.

If you work in the entertainment industry, the occupational hazard would be less privacy and more "haters". Haters here are in quotes because... well not everyone who give a negative comment is a hater, some are merely stating facts, and it's part of your job as a "celebrity" to accept that part. You can't have all the glamour and no downside.

I'm talking about this because there have been a rage of videos about many "celebrities" (because they are mostly self-proclaimed) who are criticized, and the people who are defending them give the "well, can you do better?" defence.

As long as you live, you'll need to learn to accept criticism. If you choose to become a celebrity, get ready to face an ocean of it. Ocean is the correct description, because like waves, criticism come and go, but some hit harder than others.

For those who choose to be a celebrity or artist, living under the public eye is part of your occupational hazard. If you don't like it, you could always opt out. You can't just have the glitz and glamour of being a celebrity, understand that there is always a dark side.

Another thing about "celebrities", I'm not saying it's right for people to stalk, I'm just saying it happens, and you can't file a police report for every "bully" on the internet. Grow up and accept that it's part of your life should you choose to be a queen of camwhore. If you want to avoid copy cats, post things that are unique to you, and people would need to go to great lengths to imitate it. Internet stalkers do no harm whatsoever to the person they stalk. If the stalking happens in the real world, take actions, don't go crying when a person virtually stalk you. You gave them easy access to your life in the first place, yes? Too many people tag every location to visit, and it's easy to see a pattern. If you need so much attention, why cry foul when people give you attention? Because "it's the wrong type of attention"? Well beggars can't be choosers, and you are a beggar of attention, so take what you have, or stop begging.

That's what J_Fish has to say! Au revoir!

Monday, 14 July 2014

Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Mascara

Mascara and eyeliner are probably the duo that I have to use everyday. Since I'm trying to grow my fringe out, eyebrow powder has been added to the routine. All these 3 are important to draw attention to the eyes. 

The eyeliner is to accentuate the shape of the eyes, changing the shape as I please, be it the puppy eye look or cat eyes, which will create different effects to the overall look. I usually use black for eyeliner because I prefer a harsh, strong look. 

Currently in love with the Waterproof Eyeliner Pen from IN2IT. The tip is like those on highlighters so it's really easy to control. It's around RM15 in Watson's. Try it! 

A step to step make up tutorial I posted on my instagram some time ago. 

You can see the obvious difference with and without mascara. 

The mascara actually seals the deal for my eye make up. It opens up my eyes more, and prevents the lower liner (if any) from smudging. 

One of my pet peeves is not applying mascara to lower lashes. A lot of people fail to understand how much mascara on lower lashes helps frame the eyes better and make them look wider. Granted some people barely have lower lashes, but for those who have normal lower lashes, try applying mascara to your lower lashes. If you're afraid that it might mess up under the eyes, put a name card below your eyes when applying, and try not to blink until it's dry. It usually doesn't take long to dry unless your mascara is quite new. 

(Tip: Wipe off some of the mascara from the wand with a tissue to avoid clumping and easier application, it might sound like a waste, but it helps get the job done better)

My current favourite mascara would be the Maybelline Lashionista and Rocket Volume Express. 
Love the Lashinista because it's great at creating separated but long lashes. It's not as dramatic as they claim it to be, but it does the trick. 

The Rocket Volume Express is easily removed with warm water and non-oil based removers. It doesn't smudge either. 

For eyebrows, I use the CLIO 2 in 1. The top is eyebrow powder and bottom is gel liner. Don't like the gel liner because it dried up on day 3 and is really hard to apply. 

The eyebrow power is not bad, but doesn't last long because my brows area is really oily and I keep unintentionally wiping it off, especially in the afternoon and I'm outside. 

It comes with a 2 way brush. The other side is for gel liner. Love the brush for the brow powder (in pic above) coz it's angled and flat. Great for shaping. 

The cover for brow powder has a tiny mirror attached. It's about RM 65 in Watsons. 

Eyebrow powder. Front part accidentally wiped off. XD With the IN2IT eyeliner and Rocket Volume Express mascara to finish the look. 

So that answers a few questions. Ask if you have questions. 

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s.  Check out the link on mascara from Zalora! (Sephora mascaras available*wink wink*)

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Buried- Afterthoughts

*People with claustrophobia should avoid watching this.

Buried (a.k.a Ryan Reynolds in a coffin the full length of the movie) is way better than I imagined. Heard my sister and BIL (Brother-in-law) talk about it last weekend and decided to check it out. I was not disappointed, albeit feeling really traumatized in the end. I had to watch stand up comedy to counter that feeling.

The entire movie is literally Ryan Reynolds in a coffin. Starring about 6 other voices, a phone, a torchlight, a lighter, some lighter fuel, a glowstick and a snake that looks like a black mamba. (If you watched Kill Bill before, you'll know how deadly that is.)

Paul (Ryan Reynold, duh) wakes up in a coffin with no memory of how he got there. He has a phone with him with the language in Arabic. He tries to get help from as many agencies and departments as he can and faces a great deal of questioning and the frustration which comes with it.

Since Ryan Reynolds is the only focus in the movie, his acting is the only tool to convince the audience that this is a good movie. He nailed it. Even while watching it on my comfortable bed with 4 pillows, the movie made me sit up, because of the intensity and emotions. He was able to draw me in and join him in the struggle to escape from the coffin. I could definitely imagine the resentment of being helpless if I were to be stuck somewhere so tight. Hopefully it never happens.

If you're looking for a movie to watch this weekend. Check this out.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
P.s. Search "Buried Megashare". You're welcome.

Monday, 30 June 2014

A Quick But Sweet Getaway

Another trip to Pangkor, and I'm still in love. This is my third trip in 4 years. 
Our high school gang decided to take a trip together,
but ended up all the guys bailed, and it became a girl bonding time lol.

It took us around 4 hour to get from KL to the Waterfront Jetty, Lumut.
My friends went over from Butterworth so our meet up point was the jetty.

There's a multi-level parking building which charges RM0.60 per hour.

Ticket for the ferry to go over is RM10, 2 ways. 
Remember to keep the ticket because you'll need it coming back.

The ferry trip takes around 45 mins,
and before we reach Pangkor, there'll be one stop, don't get down!
Get off at the second stop with Jetty Pangkor written on the sign.

The taxis are pink vans which you can find right outside the jetty.
Car and bike rentals are both available too.

We took the taxi to Pankor Puteri Resort, which is actually just a simple apartment block.
It's clean and affordable.
We rented a 3 room apartment for 8 pax max,
and we got a double storey place.

Definitely worth the price!!

We rented bicycles for RM10 for 24 hours.
The ride was tiring because... hills. lol
It was fun though.

We got to see lots of magnificent sceneries, but since the youngest among us is turning 26 in 7 days,
we gave up after around 1.5 hours hahahaha.
So much for 24 hour bike rental.

Ended up almost dying when we finally reached the starting point.
That was when we chatted with the owner of the restaurant where we had lunch.
He told us where to find nice and affordable breakfast, and ikan bilis.
Even though us how to choose them and explained which are the good species. 

Since our initial plan was to ride the bike until sunset, we had nothing to do,
and Uncle Lim said his brother has a boat and brings people on snorkeling trips.
None of us were prepared to dive, so we said we'll just go "island hopping".


Since it wasn't too expensive, we just went with it.

First (literal) stop was at Pangkor Laut.
The private island.
These chalets in the picture below costs around 2k per night.
The middle-class gang could only think what OTHER things we can spend that money on lol.
Shows the difference in standard eh?

He brought us to see some rocks that need but a little imagination to become interesting.
There were 4 turtles, a crocodile, a whale, a real mad man's residence (seen a distance away of course).
He said the man's wife left him and he became crazy and just lived on that small stretch of beach, living off scraps from the resorts nearby. =(
Kind of a sad story until uncle said the man told him not to trust women, especially pretty ones, and only pick the ones with big mouths and big ass. LOLWTF? hahahahaha

Can you see the stone "whale" above?

 He brought his son along, and they were trying to fish for squids.
Too bad the tides were too high. They didn't get any.
He said we could eat them raw. 
We didn't believe him. =X

After the boat trip we enjoyed it so much we decided to give a tip.
Trust me, that doesn't happen often. =X

Right after we got off the boat, we went for dinner.
All sticky with tangled hair and sandy feet.

 The Lim Brothers. 

The older uncle Lim is the restaurant owner which is at the corner of Pangkor Puteri.
We had lunch and dinner at his place and it was AFFORDABLE. And yummy.
For lunch we chose individual meals. 
I had Butter-Fried Mantis Shrimp Rice for RM5.
The other dishes are around that price.

For dinner we ordered 3 crabs, Butter-fried squid, Kangkung Belacan, Stir-fry lala, and tofu. Everyone was full, and it costs us less than RM20 each.
Can you imagine all that seafood for less than RM20?

The younger Uncle Lim is owner of Pangkor Holiday House.
He's the man who brought us around for our unexpected sea adventure and told us a lot of stories.
And jokes. Lots of them.
He explained a lot of fish related things to us. 
Definitely learned a lot from these 2 uncles!!!

Old uncle Lim is really good at photography and he showed us the pictures he took.
I guess with a view so good, you'll get more motivation to practice!

Young uncle Lim is a fishing enthusiast, but he insists that it's not to harm the fishes for fun.
He showed us loads of pictures of the fishes he caught, the activities he provides for his homestay, and the groups that he brought out to sea. 

It's all in his personal profile lol.

The view from the first floor of our unit this morning. 

 Such a nice trip!
First, I hadn't been on a trip with my highschool gang since after form 5.
Second, we leart a lot from these 2 uncles. It was entertaining and educational.
If you're going over, visit them and maybe you'll learn something from them too!

I don't remember the name of big uncle Lim's restaurant, but it's at the end of the road of Pasir Bogak.
And here ends part 1. If you have questions about prices, leave a comment.

Part 2 is about our half day Ipoh trip (if I'm harworking).

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Friday, 27 June 2014

Will Lie For Money

I'm telling you. Don't believe everything a blogger post on social network, especially when it's praising a product/ shop.

I take advertorials, don't get me wrong, but I wouldn't go to the extent of lying about the product and services that I get. I was recently given an advertorial about a certain transportation related app which is honestly speaking, useless. Although the pay was not bad, I didn't take it. I don't want to lie for the money. 

Yes, advertorials aren't only limited to blogs anymore. They've invaded your common social media platforms, i.e. Facebook and Instagram, so beware when a blogger says: A taxi ride hasn't been so nice before until I met (insert taxi hailing app). The cab driver is super friendly & kind!!

I'd like to call bullshit here. 

Scenario 1: The taxi app
Taxi apps are for convenience, yes? (Yes.) When you need a taxi, it helps you get one easier, instead of standing by the road and waiting for one to pass by without knowing if one would EVER pass by. This particular app which I was given the chance to review doesn't (always) do that. The reason? My particular area is prone to traffic jams and taxi drivers don't like to pass this place. Well fuck me. That's why I'm using this app. To GET a taxi. If I'm living in or leaving a place where taxis pass by often, why would I need to use the app in the first place? I'll just fling out my arm (and maybe thumb).

In the end, the rude, lazy taxi drivers are still the rude, lazy taxi drivers. They won't be nicer just because you use that app. The app can't take actions against them. The various taxi apps out there DO NOT own the taxi drivers. Taxi drivers own taxi drivers. The nice ones will still be nice, even if you manually hail them. 

Most of the time, bloggers want to be in the good books of brands and companies, so even when the things and services they get are not great, they would make it sound like it's heaven on earth.

I always have this impression that it's a two way street when it comes to advertorials. If you give me good results, I'll give you a good post.

Scenario 2: The Lash Extension
I went to certain lash extension shop for a review about 9 months ago, and honestly, it was terrible. 

I made an appointment at 11am. I had to stand outside and wait while the "lash artist" waltzed down the corridor and "open shop" at exactly 11am. To me, that's unacceptable. If there's an appointment at 11am, the shop should be ready for the customer by 11am, not OPEN at 11am and let the customer wait. If that's how they usually work, they might as well say the first appointment starts at 11.30am. Common sense yes? 

The shop was closed the day before my appointment, and when I (finally) got into the shop, there was an overflowing garbage pile next to the counter, which is right in front of the door. Ethics people!! It's a beauty saloon, I think cleanliness SHOULD be important. The lashes that I got were really hard and before the end of the second week I personally plucked (And CUT) all of them out because it made my eyes really itchy and uncomfortable. I didn't go back to the shop to remove them because I had to go back penang during the weekend, and the shop closes before I finish work on weekdays. And no, I will not waste my leave on this. The review post turned out very cold. I just told the process of the extension. No praises. 

Most of the other bloggers made it sound like it was THE BEST lash extension experience EVAAAA!

Sure you can always refer to blogs when you need a second opinion, but don't trust them fully. Some bloggers are sincere and honest. They give praises only when the review is honestly good. A big group of bloggers, especially female bloggers, usually praise everything. And I mean EVERYTHING that they're asked to review. Beware of those. 

Aaaaand this is why I almost never take paid advertorials. I have to say nice things about the product/ service no matter what. It's great if what I get is good! I've gotten some that are really good. But when it comes to mediocre ones, it's an internal struggle. Lying for money makes me a crook, even if it's in a blog.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
P.s. What happened to sincere people who actually mean when they give out praises? I don't praise a lot, but when it does happen, it's real.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Pitchforks for a cert

The news is that University Malaya (UM) will be issuing e-certificates, and those who prefer to have that AND the conventional print-out degree would have to pay RM50.

Honestly, I don't see a problem with that. 

Among many, the argument include:
1. I've been studying so hard to graduate and all I'm getting is just an e-scroll?
-No. You've been studying so hard to graduate and you can get the scroll if you PAY for it. And, you've been studying to graduate, not just to get a print-out scroll. An e-scroll works just the same. 

2. I just want a piece to bring away after I leave UM.
-PAY for it.

3. What? Just an e-scroll? Please think about my parents' feelings.
-Urm... The graduation ceremony will still go on. The "scroll" which we receive during that is just an empty casing. No need to be all dramatic and bring in your parents' feelings. Also, fact check before you whine.

4. UM is bloodsucking.
-Yes. (No argument there, but we DID pay very little compared to private unis. So there's that.) 

My point is, if it really means that much to you, paying RM50 for it is close to nothing.

Dear all, getting your scroll/ degree probably is the most significant thing ever for your uni life, but trust me, after you start working, you won't even see the piece of paper any more, unless you decide to frame it up. Mine is lying in the "Interview Folder" with all my other certificates which is now figuratively covered in dust. It's in a box on top of my cupboard. If I stamped all my things, it would have the "not important but I might need it some day" stamp.

If it means that much, pay for it. You'll earn the money back in approximately 2 days when you start working.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Monday, 9 June 2014

Like... a horror movie

"Sorry, we're already closed"
"But the website says you close at 9pm." I said under my breath. Thanks for the wrong info, random blog owner. (The time has been changed to 5.30pm last admission FYI). I was disappointed that I drove all the way along the winding coastline of Penang, until the end just to visit the Toy Museum and it was already closed.

The owner was cleaning the lawn when I drove in with Yat the co-pilot. He looked confused and I understood too little too late.

Fine. Time to head home.

I remembered dad once drove "the other way" back to the Georgetown part of the island when I was a kid, instead of all the way back where we came from. It was nearly nightfall, and a drive along the coastline just to see the sun set sounded like a good idea. In my head. Since I drove all the way here, I decided to take matter into my own hands, and have a new adventure. I decided to take... the road less traveled. Literally.

We passed by the Penang Escape Theme Park, a few kampung houses, and down the winding road just a little... too much. The further we went, the darker it became, and the deeper into the hills we ventured, until there was no signs of civilization other than the mortar roads we drove on. It was as though we drove into a different world as night crawled in.

The winding road went from 2 lanes to just 1 lane at a few hairpin curves. There were a few times we had to honk before taking the curve because we couldn't see what was coming at us. That was how bent the road was. After too many ghost stories, honking in the woods is a very good idea if you want to attract "attention". But it had to be done, or else it would be too dangerous.

It didn't take long before everything went completely dark, and the only light to shine us towards a peace of mind was the headlights of my baby car. The radio which was playing songs one moment ago just had sputters of music and voices, and then there was just that static noise left. Kshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I switched it off.

Having Yat by my side made this whole thing less scary, but scary nonetheless. The entire way we saw less than 5 cars in total behind us or from the opposite lane. The longer I drove, the creepier it felt. I don't remember dad taking so long to reach the other side. But there was only one road, so I'm not lost......?

We turned to our trusted phones for affirmation. Both our phone batteries were dying, and like all those horror movies where the girl makes a stupid decision and drags the guy right into the arms of serial killers, or worse, ghosts, there was no signal on either phones. So cliche. There was only one road, so all I can do was to drive on and see if we die in the hills after being hacked to death by a maniac.

As we were heading downwards on the hill, Yat suggested that I changed to second gear so that I didn't have to abuse the breaks. I took his advice and moved my gear, but instead of moving it 2 times down, I moved it upwards, throwing the gears into reverse, and BAM, the engine died. The second the engine died, the breaks followed.

Imagine going down hill on a very curvy road, with no breaks) P.A.N.I.C! Yat took hold of my steering wheel from his side. He turned it to avoid plunging down the crevice in the hills to our deaths, but of course the steering wheel didn't respond. I hit the breaks as hard as I can, but it was as if the hydraulics were gone. I kept stepping on the break pedal and eventually, the car stopped. I tried to restart my car. It gave a very weak whirrrrrr-rrrr. I turned the key to give it a rest. Another try, and the whirrrr was louder, but still no. It wasn't alive. One more try, holding on longer this time, it whirrrrred a little, and the engine was alive again!!!

After letting it warm up a little, I continued driving. This time, more cautious, and MY way. It still took a long, long drive to finally see some kampung houses, and then a mosque, and finally motorbikes. It was such a relief. I continued driving at a steady pace and everything was fine. We finally got signals on our phones and navigated our way towards the Penang Bridge. Half way there I realize that both my car and I were running on fumes. The further we drove on, the more houses we saw, and the more cars appeared too. I missed a turning even with the help of WAZE (story of my driving life), and eventually found a petrol station with McD. All 3 of us were refilled. And finally, I made it out. Thus, a chance to read this story.

I made a mental note to write this down, but procrastinated so much, you're reading about it half a year later. =X The mind played a very big role. It reminded me of all the horror stories and movies that I've read and heard and watched while we were "stuck" in the hills. It was seriously like a very cliched horror movie without any ghosts or serial killers. But #truestory bro.

That's what J_fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. Sorry for the anti-climax. If there was a climax, you wouldn't get to read this. =X

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

TIL over the weekend

Think I should throw in my pic once in awhile in case people forget what the blog owner looks like. =/

TIL here stands for Things I've Learnt instead of the usual Today I Learnt.

-If you're renting a new place, make sure you go and take a look before moving your things in. Don't just listen to what others have to say. What they think is "wide and spacious" might not be good enough for you. Also, don't bring everything you have at once if you've never seen the place. What happens when there's not enough room for your junk and you're sharing the room?

-Some people see those that are socially active as attention whores; socially active people see those as antisocial. It's all about perspective yes? But sometimes no. Some people really are antisocial, and not just socially awkward at that. I'm socially awkward but with people that I know, I blend in really well.

-Non-bloggers think all bloggers are attention whores who love to take picture of food and themselves, and often take picture of food with themselves. Although I do think that it's really annoying when people pose with their food, it's sad that the word "blogger" now has a negative connotation. Take a look at Urban Dictionary. Though most of the time the people there are quite sour, I think they do have a point.

-There are actually people who are shameless enough to attend a Chinese wedding and not giving an angpao. If you're not familiar with the Chinese tradition, if you're invited to the dinner, prepare a red packet with money inside. How much would depend on the "market price". If you're chinese, attended a chinese wedding and didn't give an ang pao, that's really, really shameless. People are not providing you with free dinner! If you have financial problems, it would be understandable, but nope, the people I'm referring to dress up nicely and are nowhere near poor.

-People think that I look younger now. Those who haven't seen me in real life for awhile at least. I'm actually just getting better at editing my pictures. While I don't mind if you to follow me on Instagram, don't believe what you see. =X

I guess that's all. Wanted to write this post on Monday morning, but I got lazy. =X #sorrynotsorry

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Thursday, 22 May 2014

The Penang version of THE wedding... that wasn't mine

The Penang phase of my sister's wedding is proof that you can prove yourself wrong.

After my sister's KL wedding, I thought, this isn't too bad, I got this.
The KL wedding was all planned and prepared by the in-laws, and I thought I was busy,
being the brides maid and having to take care of the bride and all,
but Penang was a whole new level.
I flew back with Jo on Thursday afternoon, and my flu, cough and fever decided to tag along. 
Flew Malindo to and from Penang, and no bad experience yet.

The clouds so pretty I feel like it's a bouncy castle instead.
I wanna take a walk among the clouds. 

"Fun" started on Friday. 
 I drove over to the island with Jo at around 11am,
went to collect the balloons and cake. 

The entire rear view mirror of the car was blocked by balloons,
because the entire back seat was blocked by balloons.

Had to drive depending on the side mirrors only.
Didn't cause an accident. #successfulfemaleasiandriver
Or maybe I just didn't see it. 
*dum dum dum*

There were 20 of these gassy babies. 

Didn't manage to take pictures of the hotel room because...
I was lazy and there were things lying around already.

I just wanted to rest.
There's work to be done!!

I went around taking pics of the hotel instead yay.

Look at this beautiful garden!!!
Bollywood movies would love this place.

Look at that beautiful beach and sun and sea and trees and bikini clad people and I'm sick.

*sniffles while taking pic*
*wipes snort on shirt*

The canopy setting up in progress.
This was where the dinner magic happened.

After I got back to the room, we started making paper pom poms for the back drop of the stage.

Was curling up in bed with pom pom minions worshipping at my feet.
All hail smelly feet!

Where is the love?
Apparently in my sister's hotel room. 

Someone tell Black Eyed Peas

Was so sick I don't feel like going out for dinner with everyone.
So I had a scrumptious mushroom soup dinner.

The soup was so full of mushrooms I had to munch on every spoonful instead of just drinking it.

With a view of dusk setting in.
Dinner for 1 like a boss.
The mosquitoes were the ones who had a feast though. 
I was a reluctant blood donor. 

After the family came back from dinner, I went back to a town house we rented and stayed there with my family for the night.
Both sisters stayed in the hotel room.
Was suppose to sleep there with older sister but my cough was so bad I was "quarantined".

The next day, Saturday was the actual wedding day + dinner.

The pics are all from the morning by the official photographer. 

The bros.

So excited for the "gate-crashing" ceremony.
Little did they know...

They had to hang the cards and write their "goal".
Then with the paper bags on, go around the hotel and ask for signature of hotel guests.

The sister's bffs, explaining to the bros how they're going to be happily tortured. 

They had to tie the balloons on their waist at all times. Hehe.

Sister is a BIG fan of chick flicks so one of the games was a quiz for bro-in-law.
The bros will be punished if he answers wrongly, which is what he did.
Kinda think he did that on purpose.
*smug face*

This added so much entertainment. 

Then there was the heart-shaped Sudoku which my bro-in-law had to solve.
At the mean time, the bros need to dip one of their legs into icy cold water.

I put my leg into one of the buckets just to test it out and I took it out when the water barely covered the tip of my toes.

Seen cheating. 
Being the nice people, of course we let them take their legs out.
Of course they had to pay a fee.


Of course there was flour involved.

Now for some pictures of the happy couple.

Love this pic to no end!!!
They're so in love.

Geddit? Hehe.

Now a few pics of the dinner venue before all the guest arrived.
No pics of the venue with the guests because I was stationed at the reception.
Couldn't leave until everyone was already there. 

See the pink bottles with flowers in front of the red heart?
My sister and BIL bought the bottles and stuck the pink (and silver) glitter on them. DIY.
We cut the flowers and stuck them inside DIY too!!
There were bottles with little candles inside on every one of the dinner tables
along with the pink bottles with flowers. 

The decorations on this table in the picture on top were all prepared by the couple,
except the flowers on the right.

They wanted a more personal wedding, 
and it turned out wonderful although there was a lot of work involved.

 So much nicer when the lights were on, but I didn't get the chance to take a picture of it. =(
And the tables weren't decorated yet.

The couple's entrance. 

I was (still) the maid of honour, which means I had to carry the sister's angpow bag and guard it with my life.
Then I had to follow them to the groom's side for the tea ceremony.
Then I had to wait for the photographer to take pics of the couple.
Then I get to go back to the buffet lunch and eat nothing.
Because I was still sick FML.

When I finally got to rest, it was just for 1 hour, didn't get to bathe again,
rushed over to the hotel again and only had time to touch-up my make up.
Didn't even have time to do my hair.
I had to be the first to get ready because I need to be at the reception table before any of the guests arrive.

People arrived on time. (surprisingly)
It was a nice time seeing my relatives and friend whom I only see once per year.
Some even once in a few years.

It was a magical night. The band was charming.
The weather was really nice. No rain, but breezy.
The garden wedding by the sea was so beautiful.

A lot of my relatives said they enjoyed a different setting for a wedding dinner.

I had to host a game session for the bride and groom, and the game was called
The Shoe Game.

Some relatives and friends were surprised that I could host the game well,
or as they put it "good at public speaking",
mainly because I don't talk much most of the time.


After that I was so hyped and confident I tried to initiate small talk with the bros of the groom.

Nope. Still suck at small talk.
*drifts away quietly after awkward moment*
I'm good at speaking, but just when it's with myself, or with people who are like me.

After the dinner, all I could think of was "I'M FINALLY FREE!!!"
"I can start spending money on myself again!!!"
"I can start spending time for myself again!!!"

"COUGH, cough cough cough snort!!!"

It was a risk to have an outdoor wedding, but luck was on the couple's side.
It didn't rain throughout the 2 days (setting up and actual dinner),
but the day after, Sunday, it rained when we were leaving.

A good start to the marriage indeed. =)

That's what J_Fish has to say~
P.S. I think anyone who was involved in a personalized wedding like this one wouldn't want a big wedding. I told my mom that I want a small wedding and she agreed whole-heartedly.