Saturday, 23 November 2013

What to do?! [adv]

October is graduation month in UM. I've had friends who are graduating soon or just graduated asking me what they can do for a career. As a Language and Linguistic student, there isn't too wide a range of career we can venture into, so everyone is panicking.
*pulls hair*

On one hand, I'm glad that my friends are actually planning to find a job, or are actively looking for a job; on the other hand, I have no idea how to answer that question. Since I'm not really working in the same industry, I can only give suggestions and not testimony. Even the suggestions are limited, since only 2 of the seniors I know went back to the "French root".

Honestly, there are a lot of career fairs out there that are meant to help students or newly unemployed people *cough*,
and one of them is Sector Focused Career Fair or SFCF by TalentCorp Malaysia. 

SFCF UiTM was supported by more than 30 companies including some big names like DHL, Electrolux, IBM, Sime Darby and PwC. 

It was held last weekend in UiTM, Shah Alam. Since last week was their convocation week, it was logical that the Sector Focused Career Fair  happened on the same weekend. 

There was more than 4,000 turnouts that day.

 There were career talks by professionals from priority sectors, career booths, dialogue sessions where attendees get to voice out their curiosity, and other helpful activities to help university graduates better build a career plan on the shared servicing sector. 

Since it's sector focused, it's easier for those who attended find out what sector they can venture into which is relevant to their respective fields of study. No more panicking because of job issues.

If you're not sure what to do after graduating, here's their Facebook page,
and follow the hashtag trail for all the info you need. 
They will be going to different universities so don't miss out!

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Friday, 22 November 2013

My Online Dayre

I don't usually update my blog with gadget/ app entries, 
but when I do, 
it's because I adore it. 
A lot.

If you haven't know yet, there's an app called Dayre.
(Pronounced Day-ree)

To me, it's an online diary.
If you're saying "Why do I need this? I already have a blog."
Well, a blog is more of an after event update platform.

"Dayre, is an on-the-spot update for daily events."
*pretending this is Dayre*

You can either choose to update on past events, like how you update your blog, or you can update Dayre when something is actually happening.

There are 5 ways you can update it, as seen on the picture above.
You can write sentences (which can also appear as quote), 
update with picture and caption, 
upload a video, 
update with cute emoticon/"stickers",
 and for those who want people to know where they are at all times, there's the check-in.

I prefer updating Dayre more than my blog because, when you become lazy, Dayre is the convenient way out. 
Since the layout is the same for everyone, no more wasting spending time customising. Pure updates! 
It's an answered prayer of people with no talent with designing.

You can make several different short updates per day, 
and all your updates will be shown under the same day, hence, a "diary".

Absolutely love it.
I update it more than Instagram,
because I don't like to post pictures of words on Instagram.

And if you have a "eureka!!!" moment,
instead of the 140 characters on Twitter,
updating it on Dayre would be easier,
since it allows 500 characters.
I hate rephrasing my sentences 324643792649 times just so that I don't have to split my tweet.

I share pictures and thoughts mostly.

The app does get a little PMS-y sometimes, and you have to logout and login again for it to update properly,
but it's not that bad.

On a separate note,

And thanks to Tiger Beer and Nuffnang,
I'm going to Urbanscapes!!
FYI, Urbanscapes is an event/ festival where all forms of art jam together and come alive.
Food, music, fashion, humour, beautiful people, all in one place. 

Weekend passes are priced at RM247 which gives you access to The Big Weekend.

If you're worried about transport, 
there are SkyBuses going to MAEPS from KL Central with a fee of RM20 one way, starting from 1.30pm,
and from MAEPS to KL Central starting from 11pm.

I'm really excited to see Red Hong Yi, the absolutely talented artist there.
(maybe nick a few bites off her art work *cough*)

Franz Ferdinand will be the final act to wrap up the entire (already beautiful) weekend!
Check the Urbanscapes website if you need more info!

Follow my Dayre or Instagram for more (live) updates!
I'm going both days!

If you see someone that kinda looks like the person in pictures on this blog, 
but with a "slightly" rounder face, 
it might be me.

don't say hi because I'll look stuck-up and unfriendly so no point.
*runs away*


Better sleep early tonight, because


Monday, 18 November 2013

That Mid-November Weekend

To me, weekends start at 6.30pm every Friday.


My eye make up.

Finally meeting up with Cocoro after a very long time.
I didn't realize that the last time we met was 1 year ago.

And of course can't miss out catching up with my bitch, Jason. 
The thing about good friends is that you can still talk non-stop no matter how long you've been apart.
Makes me miss my uni life so much more.

We went to Zanmai for dinner
and moved over to Tong Pak Fu for dessert.

OOTD pic taken by Cocoro.
Aspiring photographer(?)
I was her "model" once, and once again.

Top from BKK
Maxi skirt from H&M
Wedges from Vincci
Studded bag from Deeper and Harder 1U.

Early Saturday morning,
Jackie, Ken and I left for Penang.
The both of them were going there for the Penang Bridge Run,
and I just hitched a ride home lol.

Went to three places in Ipoh old town for breakfast.
First stop was the coffee shop Sin Yoon Loong where we get legit Ipoh Old Town White Coffee.
The siew yok had really crispy but the meat was quite juicy.
That small portion costs RM5 though.

Second stop we went to a coffee shop called Thean Chun that's famous for their egg custard (and hor fun).
Egg by itself is great to me,
but I don't like food with egg as the main ingredient.
It's too sweet and to me,
the taste of egg and the honey don't blend together.
I could taste them distinctly separated.

It doesn't look smooth, but it does melt in your mouth.

Third stop was at a shop called "Funny Mountain"
Seemed really popular since there was a "drive-thru" queue.
Mainly for people who are too lazy to get out of the car.
The tau fu fah was really soft yet it doesn't fall apart as easy as the other tau fu fah.
The taste was just ok. Not phenomenal.

The studded bag which I had for almost 1 year finally fell apart.
You were a great accessory and a great black hole to dump my stuff in.
You will be missed. 
*2 seconds of silence please*

Thank you.

Found chocolate jackpot at home yay.

Went out with my sisters on Sunday afternoon.
We went to Yes Yogurt next to Library on Jalan Raja Uda.

The shop's concept is exactly like Tutti Fruitti minus gummy bears. BOOOO.

Yes, these are sisters.

OOTD pic taken by my younger sister.
Check out her photography skills in this post.
Top from H&M
Shorts from ROMP
Sneakers from Converse
Necklace from Forever 21

Didn't get to get laksa until 30minutes before Ken and Jackie picked me up to go back to KL.
The hawker came down the road on his bike and my dad bought it for me.

*tears of joy*

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It's great for life updates since if you read my blog,
you'll notice I don't update that often anymore.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~