Thursday, 24 October 2013

Doll Look Tutorial


This tutorial is a little messy because this is the first time I'm trying out the look.
Here goes.

1. Start by covering the flaws with concealer + foundation.

I have a lot of pimple scars so it's very hard to totally cover up.
A lot of "holes"

1. Draw the liner

Like the previous doll look,
make it downwards for the puppy eye look.

3. Draw a thin, curve line on top of the eye on the inner corner
Make it as thin as possible because this is supposed to be the crease for the eyes.

Align the curves to the curve of your eyes.

*Also, apply white liner to the lower lashline.

 Note my nicely shaped but lopsided eyebrows thanks to Benefit's brow waxing service.
Levelled brows are too mainstream anyway. *sulk*

4 & 5. Add peach or red eyeshadows around the eyes.
On the eyelids and below the eyes.

Shape your nose with some blush instead of the usual brown shade.

The idea was to contour with red.
It gives the impression of "just cried" eyes,
which looks more "pityful" looking.

6, 7 & 8.
Add some shimmer champagne shadow to the inner corners of the eyes, highlighting it.
I also coated my eyebrows with eyebrow gel.
Add false lashes.
Stick the lashes as close to your lashline as possible and when the glue is almost dry,
open your eyes and push the end of the lashes so that they fan out as much as possible.

9, 10 & 11.
Add lower lashes.
I stuck the inner corners (shorter part) near to my lashline
and for the outer corner, I stick it slightly below because I want a more droopy eye effect and my eyes go upward a little at the outer corners.

Apply blush with a big brush all the way across the cheeks.
Make them as red as possible.

Apply a light pink lip gloss.

My upper and lower lashes.
I got both from the lash bar at Asian Avenue in Sunway Pyramid.

And for the full doll look,
add a wig!!

Thanks to Yeeing for lending me the wig. =D

Tell me what you think about the more normal looking doll look tutorial.
I think it's still suitable for Halloween because I find dolls creepy in general.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. If instructions are not clear, click on pictures to enlarge them and have a better look. 

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Mivva September box

Thanks to Mivva I now have more products to play with!!
I was given the September Mivva box,
and are the items found inside. 

Firstly, the item which I've tried, the MIACARE clear contacts.
They're comfortable so far. 

The brand IGEL Lenses also have coloured lenses called MAGIC POP which come in black, grey, brown, blue and pink
with a diameter of 14.5mm
 Magic Pop RM60 for 1 pair of monthly
Miacare monthly RM138 for 6 pairs
Miacare daily RM128 for 30 pieces

I also got this box of AIRE contact lens solution from the same brand, IGEL.
It promises a double moisturizing effect.
I haven't tried that yet so I only have their word for it.

Then there's the shampoo and conditioner sample packs from ASIENCE.
One set for Asience Shine Therapy
another set for Asience Nature Smooth.
The shampoos are RM14.90 for 220ml, RM26.80 for 530ml
The conditioners are the same price for both ranges.

Then we have the adorable hand held mirror compliments of Mivva box.
There's also the ARTY Professional Mania Face Color
There are 60 shades to choose from and are priced at RM45 each.

Next 3 sample packs are both from SOMANG.

Somang Air-Bliss BB
Comes with SPF 30+ PA++ and is sold at RM94.90 for 50ml

Somang Ecopure Perfect White Sun Cream
Comes with SPF50+ PA+++ that gives UVA and UVB protection,
sold at RM89.90 for 50ml

Somang Danahan Bon Yeon Jin toner and emulsion set
The toner comes in 160ml pack for RM174.90
Emulsion comes in 160ml for RM174.90

Then we have the mask from BEAUTYMATE.
The brand is already rather well known.
I tried this and as usual, it doesn't give a sticky after-feel.

Beautymate Purifying and Brightening Nano Mask.
RM36.90 for 7 pieces

I haven't had time to try most of the items yet, so I can't do a review about the products.
But is Mivva Box worth the money?
Even with mostly samples,
we have 2 products that can cover the cost of it already.
They even asked for my power for the contact lenses.

So why not if you want to try out different products without buying the full sized item?

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~