Friday, 18 October 2013

Dolly Ghost Make Up Tutorial

Finally bought white face paint.
 AAAAaaaand it's terrible.
It doesn't work like normal foundation or even sticks to the face properly
so you can see in the first few pics that the skin colour is still visible.

Sorry about some of the pictures because my hand was dirty and I touched the lense,
so they turn out whitish. =/

So let's get started.

1. Paint your face white.
Draw thick eyeliner at the end of the eyes.
Make them go downward, like puppy eyes.

 I think the fist pic is scary enough hehehe. BOO!!

2. Add lashes.
I used 2 layers of different types to make it look dramatic.

 3. Draw out a crease for "double eyelid"

4 &5. 
Attach bottom lashes slighly below your actual lower lash line.
Then draw on some eyebrows.
Make the eyebrows round, as in without any pointy tips.

6. Draw 2 lines to define the nose.
The closer the lines are, the smaller your nose will appear.
It's easier to "redefine" your nose since it's covered in white already.

7. Add 2 big patches of blush.

8 & 9.
Cover the patches of blush with more white paint
so that it doesn't look too forced.

Draw small lips on your whitened lips.

And the last move,
draw a "frame" for your face.
Pretend that it's a mask.
Wipe off the extra white paint outside the frame and you're done!!

Duck face.

I always wanted to look dolly.

Close enough.

I got my white face paint from the shop on Asian Avenue in Sunway Pyramid.

Because it sucks.
I tried applying with my fingers, with sponge with a brush,
it just doesn't stick and it ends up looking like the bedak air that we use to slap on our face when we were young.

Or maybe just the kampung kids. Hehe.

Happy Halloween!!!

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~