Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Scynthian Hero

So, if you're one of the people I talk to very often, you'll know that I just finished a wonderful game called

I don't play a lot of games, but this one got me hooked. Despite some difficulties I face during the game, I continued and finished it. (by watching how people played on Youtube).

The game is about a Scynthian girl trying to save the world. (?) She has to defeat a monster which she awoken and to do that, she has to perform quite a number of (simple) tasks. While the tasks are simple, it takes some brain juice to get through.

The monster

This dude below is the "guide" in the game, though he doesn't help all the way. 
I like how this game asks you to take breaks between sessions.  

The game creators have a good sense of humour, and reading the dialogues between the characters in the game is fun and funny.
As you can see, the whole game has the pixel theme. You can also find hints given when you don't know what to do. ("Touch & hold")

The scenes are very artsy and beautiful. When you combine that with the sound track and sound effects, it gives a feeling of being transported to their world. It's a game that I would curl up in bed and explore for the whole day. Best when played on a rainy day. It adds mystery to it. 

Sadly, throughout my journey, it only rained when I was at work, so no curled up in bed to fully indulge.

A few screenshots of the game.

I would rate the game 8/10, for a non frequent adventure game player.

It's not perfect because there are some very minor problems,
problems which I didn't face when I played it for the first time.

(Yes, I played it again)
If I didn't play the game the second time, it would be 9/10

Still not perfect because there are times when I really have no idea what to do and have to result in randomly tapping the screen and see if I can find something that makes a "ding". 

So, that's my "game review" I guess.
Again, for a non adventure game player, this game is nice and addictive enough. 

It costs $4.99 in the apps store though.
I only got it because it was free for a limited period of time, and I happened to stumble upon it. 
Best download ever.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. The game has some interesting easter eggs. =)