Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Miss Independent

As of now, I am more proud of myself than ever before,
because I'm a step closer to being Miss (fully) Independent.

Newest addition to my family of things. 
I know it's no MacBook Pro, but it's great nonetheless. =)

Now take 4 minutes to listen to this song.

I have bought everything that I currently own and use.
(except the car which I only pay for petrol and maintenence *cough*)

Why do I think being independent is such a big deal?
Because my parents brought me up this way, and I have finally reached one of my goals.

Story about how I became so independent. 
I was sent to babysitter's place since I was in kindergarten.

On the first day of my primary school,
all the parents stood outside the classroom and watched the progress of class.
My parents were at work.
My older sister came and visit because she was in the same school.

During high school, same thing.
I went to school by myself, cycled, walked, and drove.
I never got into big trouble so my parents didn't need to see the teachers.
Well there was once when students with crappy results had to bring their parents over,
but the teacher didn't have much to say about me because I was the wallflower.
I doubt they could even remember my name if not for the report card. 

During uni, I came all the way to KL to study and my parents didn't send me over.
I brought 2 luggages of stuff and took a bus with a lot of other people from Penang.
Again, my sister was in UM too, so she took care of me a little,
but well, I didn't really need much taking care of anyway. =X

The only time my parents came to UM for me was during my graduation,
and I'm glad I made them proud. =)

When I came back to KL to work, I took a bus down alone, for my interview,
and when I got the job, I took a bus down and looked for a place to rent all by myself.
My sister was here but I just crashed at her house for a few days till I found my room,
and I moved in right before I started work. 

My parents weren't there for these times because I'm not from a rich family.
Both of them have to work and I understand that. I guess I was quite understanding since I was a kid, because I never made it a problem. 
I don't remember bugging my parents to come to school and see me or for my parents to bring my books when I forgot them. 
If I forget anything, I'll have to face the teacher's wrath. 
(Which was quite often because I was a super lazy student who didn't do homework and don't bother to pack my books properly).

Through all these times, I'm really thankful that I have my older sister there too.
She was like my extra parent. (nags like 1 too). 

Like I said, my parents work,
so when I was home alone,
I would learn to cook simple food, 
and I baked quite a lot when I was in high school. 

My parents taught us how to do all the house chores,
even those that are "what boys are suppose to do",
like changing the light bulb, changing the water tap when it's leaky. 

Ok, so that was how I became so independent. 
My parents brought me up in a different way.
Really glad they did. 

Now back to current time. 

The only thing separating me from being fully independent is my car, and a house,
which I plan to get in a few year's time. Well, not both together, but

To me, being independent is a big deal,
because I have low self-esteem and being better than someone in anyway is important,
so now I am bragging because I have bragging rights.
Just kidding.
Or was I.

I guess this is why I can't stand girls who are highly dependable. 
I can't understand why they need people to fetch them and not feel shame,
or how they aren't shameful to ask people to fetch them when they can just take public transport.

I can't understand people who would die if one day they have no one to take care of them.
I can't understand people (especially boys) who can't leave home to study or work.

I lose my sympathy for these people because if I can do it, why can't you?
Just take the first step and you'll find that you're more independent that you ever imagined.

Believe in yourself.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~