Saturday, 1 June 2013


So,I had an awesome last weekend, and part of it was because of this journey up a hill in my little car with Iris.

There was a terrible jam not too far after the RM5 toll. Up the snake-like highway it went and after about 30minutes, we finally saw what was wrong. A container-lorry made a double u-turn on our side of the road.
Which means the front of the lorry is facing the container, forming some thing close to an oval.

It blocked 2 lanes out of 3 which is bad enough, and people from the asshole lane a.k.a emergency lane suddenly decided to merge into the only lane that is moving. Now why they chose to go to the emergency lane and decide to turn back into the legal lane is beyond me. I guess they like the crowd.

After a few "you can do it!!" encouragement to my little car, we finally reached!! Weeeeeeee. Dinner at McD coz it's cheapest and was on top of my mind.

*insert own imagination of Ayam Goreng McD large set here*

After that we went to the casino and both of us tried our luck for the first time there. Luck was taking a break that night.

Then when it was around 8.10p.m. we walked over to the Arena of Stars with 2 extra ticket and we plan to give it to 2 random people. I have 2 extra tickets because I have no friends. --__________--lll I admit it.

Was suppose to go with Jennifer but she had an emergency facial session which would be postponed to July if missed. What kind of shop does that...

Anyway, here we are. Didn't manage to give out the tickets because.... everyone had one already.

Tadaaaaaaaaa. Media seats from Monoah. Thanks a lot. 

Tanya started the concert with a few songs that I love, and a few that I've never heard of. =X Ok, I'm not the crazy big fan, but I swear there probably was at least 1 new song. =X

Some songs that I knew (and could remember) were 双栖动物, Beautiful Love, 若你碰到他,陌生人,and 无底洞.

I love all the display behind the stage.

And of course the glaring lights that look like lazer beams scanning the crowd for smuggled-in cameras. One thing I don't get about being the "media" is why I can't bring my camera in. Not everyone has a 10megapixel camera phone you know. How are we suppose to cover anything without pictures?

The illustrations are really nice and goes well with the songs. On the side screens, there were the words to her songs, so the concert was like a huge karaoke with live singer and a giant sing along.

This illustration below reminds me of Harry Potter. XD

She even covered Lady Gaga's song just to pick up the pace, since her songs are mostly slow. But before she left the stage, she sang Beautiful Love, a very successful sing along.

And Tanya actually gave a spoiler without the alert when she said that a singer/ songwriter that she admires and has collaborated with, will be appearing half way through the songs.

I was half hoping that Stephanie Sun would appear, you know, as a guest singer. =X

And yes, it was A-Yue who appeared. 
They shared the stage for a duration of 1.5 songs. 
Did a little chat too. 

The spotlight was shining like this for quite long. It went away and came back a few times too. Wrong direction man.

The background of A-Yue's performance were more animated.

Again, the lazer beams. Pew pew pew.

Like Tanya, he sang a few songs that I knew and a few more that I didn't, but I could sing along better to his songs, song like . He even took the time to introduce his band and backup singers.

A-Yue sang more upbeat songs, but he also sat down with his guitar for a slow song too. After he sang his final song,再见,he left the stage. And after some fan screaming and encore chants, both the singers came back up, hand in hand and sang 思念是一种病.

To end the whole concert, they sang A-Yue's 自由,which got most of the audience around my area on their feet. Iris and I included, though we were quite shy because the people behind us were recording. But hey, recording is not permitted. =X

The whole concert ended with a bang. It'd be nice to be sitting near the stage. Imagine confetti raining on you.

I'm positive that anyone who knows their songs has an enjoyable time. It was my first concert so I didn't know what to expect, but this was nice. I would prefer if they spend more time together or at least had more interaction, but it's still great nonetheless. Had a great time singing along to the songs from my teen years. It brings back memories.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~