Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The "I want to be younger" weekend

It's a beautiful night, i'm looking for something dumb to do, hey baybeh, let's update your blog at 2.30am so that you'll wake up late for work. Weeeeeee.

Damn you, caffeine!!

But then as the title says, I really wish that I would wake up on my dorm bed, and everything that happened within these 2 years was just a long, long very accurate forecast of what would happen.

So, past me, on 26 April 2013, you would spend you late afternoon and night with this girl.

Her name is Jennifer.

You would go to Bangsar Shopping Village and have heave high tea at Ben's, and you will order this awesome tasting, mouth orgasm giving pizza called 'il carnivore' and you wouldn't know if the 'e' at the end should be pronounced.

You would chill and walk around and realize the event you're going to is not in BSV but in Bangsar Shopping Center.

You would proceed to curse at all slow drivers to get off the road because you're late.

When you enter the mall, you'll see a really cute caucasian blond guy smile at you and indicate that he's leaving and you can take his parking spot.

I know you're shrieking silently, past self. I know you. *smirk*

After that, you'll get to the event on time with Jennifer and enjoy the different wines of Chandon
in a place beautifully decorated with roses. 

We had Glenn Thompson (person in charge of all sparkling wine production at Domain Chandon) to explain the taste and details of the wine.

The finger food really highlights the different tastes,
especially the fruity flavours such as raspberries and cherries.

You'll love Pinot Noir the most. =)

You'll have Jennifer with you to make the event nicer. Better love her more.

On 27 April, you'll go to this event in Ibiza which is aka The Mines Wellness Resort.

Oh the sunset.

The DJ spin table was quite cool. Too bad it rained after dinner and when the party was just about to get down. For current me, at least. So enjoy earlier. =X 

On 28 April, you would go back to CC for CC dinner. It would be quite awkward for you so better reconsider that. Because you're 4 years the senior of some of them and they'll look at your like an alien. Or maybe because you look pretty I don't know. 

But then you get to see people you haven't seen in a long time, so it's not too bad.

Mia bella.

There would also be a train going on when they start to have fun and drop the base. They, apparently, like to move it move it.
You'll be surrounded by people who are barely 21 and full of energy, and you'll wonder if you had so much fun when you were 21. And you look at yourself and the pang of being 25 hits you like a badly passed basketball, to your face.

The juniors will still come and take pictures with you, then you look at those pictures and say: I don't look 25, so I can probably trick some younger boys that you're your age. And you'll realize you've turned into somewhat a pedo.

Oh who would have clinched the title of being the EMO King for 4 years other than the bitch, Jason Ryan Cheah/ Salvatore. He'll be emo for these few years, even juniors know that he's emo.

Oh, and do buy these boots from Forever 21 because you'll be so in love with them you'll keep taking pictures of them over and over again and flood this app called Instagram with it.

And you'll also learn to curl your hair into loose curls with the pink and black VS curler.

Remember to live your uni life to the fullest because I'm living the working life and it sucks. You have very little time for anything other than sitting in the office and facing your computer, typing away. Have fun while you're young, and don't turn into present me, a grudge because I waved at my youth while it passed by.

Love yourself, pass me, because no guy will love you as much as you can love yourself.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~