Thursday, 21 March 2013

I try to sell clothes

So this is the first time I was paid (?) to be a model.

It was for a colleague who owns an online shop.
I got clothes from her instead of cash,
but well, close enough.

Here are the pictures which (I assume) she used.
Of course they're edited. A lot. 

Simple black dress which comes with a cape looking thing/ sleeves. 

Love this dress a lot!!! 

Look at the details. 

From my instagram

When my hair was still purplish. 

Hi-low dress which is actually quite short. And I'm short. Sho itzu very shorto. 

So for the first time, I was actually not too upset about how I turned out. 
The pictures weren't that hard to edit.

And somehow they managed to make me look slim and kinda tall. 

I'm not good at posing so most of the poses were quite awkward.
It was raining the whole morning.
We got to Putrajaya at around 7am, and had to wait till around 10am to start shooting.
We wanted to wait for the rain to stop but it kept pouring for 3 hours.
When we started the shoot it was still drizzling, but it finally dried up soon.

It was quite interesting because I've been to Putrajaya for a few shoots and
this was the first time I wasn't in the park. 
We went to the buildings and the guards said it was ok to shoot outside.

It was a different experience and I have way nicer looking pictures than before.
Don't think I want more shoot though.
I'm so awkward I feel like digging a hole and posing inside when facing the camera. 

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Blogshop return policy cheat

So I've been coveting items from this blog shop for quite some time now
and I finally decided to get 2 pairs of shoes from them. And a bag.

The webpage

I'm always happy to see websites that are responsible for their products.
The 30days return policy is always good news to anyone purchasing stuff online. 
And the frosting to the cake, it comes with "No questions asked".

Because of past experience with buying stuff online, I've decided to double check on the return policy. And this was the response I got. 
How lied

Confirmed that I can indeed return items on the spot since I chose to COD (cash on delivery). Meaning I'll go to their shop, Offline Blogshop in Times Square to collect my order. 

When I got to the shop, it took them around 20 minutes to find my items. There were about 4 girls working there and only 1 could search for my items, and she was on the phone right after I told her my order number.

After checking the shoes, I am not happy with the condition. 

Forgot to take pictures so I can only describe the condition of the pair that I was very unhappy with. 

The boots which I ordered. 

The left front corner of the left side was squashed because it wasn't packed properly.
The shoes didn't come in shoe boxes. 
So I have 1 pair of boots, the right side with a squarish head
and the left side had a trapezium head. 

Since this is obviously the fault of the seller,
I am eligible for the return, right?

"100% return policy within 30 days, no questions asked". 

I wasn't too happy with the other pair either, because the white glue was very obvious
especially when contrasting the black shoes.
(photos taken while blogging. =X)

The obvious glue. 

When I walked the shoes could slip off very easily, and that was size 37, my usual size.

So I told the storekeeper that I didn't want both pair of shoes and I'll just take the bag,

That was when the problem really kicked in.

The storekeeper called the person in charge of this transaction
and the lady asked why I don't want the shoes
I said one of them has an obvious defect and the other 1 didn't fit well.

The lady said how could I just say I want to return the items?
These reasons are not acceptable for a return.

"100% return policy within 30 days, no questions asked" is a lie. 

No one in their right minds would pay RM80 for a pair of shoes that has defects. 
And I specifically asked if I could return them and she said yes. 

Mind you that I just got these shoes and I got them in the condition in which they where sent. 
How could she say this reason is unacceptable?

I argued with her that it's very obviously defected,
and she said so what's wrong with the other pair?

I said it didn't fit. Ok fine, maybe this isn't a good reason to return the shoes,
but what she said in reply was very rude. She spoke in mandarin and this is what she said if translated to Malaysian English.

"Xiao jie, you didn't check your size before ordering one meh?"

My size is indeed 37 and I indeed ordered size 37,
the shoes didn't fit, so it's still my fault?

Her tone and reply made me wanna put my hand into the receiver and punch her eyes out.

What kind of attitude is this?
First your items suck, and you're being rude,
and you want me to pay?

I told her fine I'll take the one with ugly glue because I know that "it doesn't fit" really is not an excuse to return items bought online,
(I was still very angry with the statement/ accusasion/ question she made)
But I had to argue with her for a little longer about the other pair having defect.

In the end she asked me to pass the phone to the storekeeper
and the storekeeper said she can help me "settle" that defect pair.

I don't want to know. It's not my probem.
Burn it, return it, sell it, give it to the poor,
it's not my problem anymore because I'm not paying for them.

And that was the end of how I was almost conned into buying shoes with defect
from a person who has terrible attitude towards a customer. 

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

This happened after not more than 1 hour of walking time in total.