Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Seize the day!! Carpe Diem!!!

If you notice the trend of these recent years after social media sprouted, you'd know that people nowadays, especially youth, are obsessed with recording all aspects of their life with pictures. Food, entertainment, gathering with friends... It's all over Facebook, Twitter, and of course, Instagram. That, plus the amount of young people owning a DSLR, a compact camera or at least opt for a better resolution camera on a mobile phone, would probably give you an idea of how important taking pictures is to the people now. 

This design, Carte Diem is a play of words combining "carte", which means card in French, and the concept of "carpe diem". 

When we say carpe diem, it's about seizing the moment and living life to the fullest. In times now, money is usually needed in order to do that. So what happens if you're having fun but you suddenly realize you don't have enough cash with you? It would be quite a bummer if you have to run off to the nearest ATM to get money. This is when you let Carte Diem help you avoid embarrassment in a stylish manner. 

The concept is to live life to the fullest (carpe diem) while we're still young without the problem of being low on cash. The camera symbolizes the capturing of the best moments of your life. 

Capturing the moment of fun and enjoyment with your credit card just like you're recording a valuable memory with a camera. Just one swipe, like the clicking of the shutter, and everything you're doing and paying for will be down in history. Why miss the opportunity when you can grab it? Your ticket of opportunity to live life to the fullest is in your grasp.  Take it, record it, remember it.

Carpe diem with Carte Diem. Never miss another great moment (because you're short on cash). *wink*

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Breakfast makes me less grumpy

I usually have breakfast.
Usually, as in weekdays.
I get all grumpy and super unproductive if I don't get my daily dose of early morning coffee and sandwich.

It was a Sunday morning
and I woke up at 8.00am to get ready. 
It was a breakfast with famous bloggers from Nuffnang, (KY Speaks, Cheesie, BeautifulNara, Sixthseal, Cikepal) at McDonald's Bandar Sri Damansara. 

And a kitchen tour. =D

Ah Yat drove so I have the time to camwhore + edit the picture + post it on instagram
before we even got there. 
As shown.

When we got there,
there was a free flow 
of Egg McMuffin, hashbrown and coffee/tea
waiting to sink into our stomachs.

Btw, McDonald's is giving out free Egg McMuffins in conjunction with National Breakfast Day!!
Click here for more info. 

The welcome speech and a little introduction to National Breakfast Day.

Then the tour begins!!
I was under KYSpeak's group. 

We get to look at the machines that make your meals close up. =D
Well not too close, coz
you see the oil boiling and you think a drop of water in that
and you'll be history if you're next to it.

Ok maybe it's just me. 
The heat was good enough to keep me away too though.

How hot can that be? you ask. Well, for this machine which makes those renowned fries 
cooks the fries from 0 degrees to deep fry in 3 minutes. 
That's 360 degrees Fahrenheit, approx. 182 degrees Celsius. 

You see these boxes with pipes?
That's where your soft drinks come from.
They come in packs like these without the gas

and the machine above it (which I have failed to capture)
pumps the gas in and creates the soft drink we're familiar with.

And when I look at them,
I think they look a lot like bears wearing gas masks. 
Like so. 

The "meat rack". 
 Ok that's not what it's called, but that's where they put the patties before slapping it on the bun. 

A different type of "I'm a tourist" picture.

 I didn't know KY was standing next to me then. 
But then, you don't get photobombed by a famous blogger everyday. =p

Here's where they fry the patties. 
They lay them out,
put the presser (black thing on top) down,
and the patties are sizzled both sides at the same time. 

But I'm more interested in what happens on the left. 

Oiling it up.

Cracking the eggs in.

Let it fry a little.

Cover the eggs up. 

 And that is how your eggs are fried. =D 

The washing of the stove. 

Ok I didn't manage to take pictures of KY making the burger. 
Either the staff was blocking or I was distracted by the other machines around. =X

But it was quite rushed because our group was the last, with Cikepal's group,
It's suppose to be for breakfast,
and breakfast ends at 11am in McD
(And should end everywhere else too, because 11am should be brunch. Or second breakfast)

so we don't have time to carefully examine every nut and bolt of the machines.

"I was here", 
you know, next to the banner. 
Looking weird. 

My outfit of the day.
Neon and grey top from Kitschen, 1U
Denim shorts from asian avenue, Sunway Pyramind,
Studded bag from Deeper and Harder, 1U.

And for the effort of taking breakfast,
we got a thumbdrive 
and vouchers. *widegrin*

Got an eye-opening tour, free breakfast, and more reward. 
I can live like this. 

As I say to a lot of people,
breakfast is very important,
lunch is mediocre,
dinner is meh.


That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~