Friday, 1 March 2013

I try to fashion

First self-shot outfit of the day picture.

Top- Padini Authentic
Pants- Romp
Shoes- Summit Mall
Studded envelope clutch- Deeper & Harder/ Fourskin

Well it's not a "Wow" outfit,
but I feel like starting an OOTD thing.

Plotted my cam on a tripod and my head still turned out blurry.
The shuttle was slow.

Working in an office has its limitations when it comes to clothing,
even when we're allowed to wear casual clothes.

We started to have this no short skirts rule since January,
which is unfortunate for me
because all my skirts are short.
I don't wear maxi dresses because of my not really long legs.

First attempt on the giant bun.
If my hair was longer, the bun would be waaaaaaaaaay bigger.

I think I'm trying to make my pics look "editorial-ish" rather than to show off my outfit. =X
Like I'm more interested in photography than fashion.
But I like both, and suck at both.

I've bought my GF2 for more than half a year and I'm still constantly on auto mode.

This is probably the "swaggiest" look that I've ever put together.
And it's for Nuffnang's ProjectInsta.
Only my second attempt after about 20(?) themes.
The theme for this was Fashion Swag.
And well I think my dad's round vintage sunshades help turn my hipster mode on.

Galaxy printed sheer top from Brands Outlet.
Corset top (which I've only worn once) from a shop in Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid.
That shop (which I dun remember the name) has a range of corset tops
and other "swag" items, i.e. the Snapback. (The flat front cap.) baseball jackets

Never really been a "fashionista", but I do like to see how other people dress up.
I'm going to try and post as much outfit photos here. You know, if you're interested.

Or you can follow me on instagram @sherlynn_t

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~