Saturday, 23 February 2013

Different this year

Yay, finally another update. I don't even want to check the last time I updated. =X

Well this is about CNY. It's probably an unstated compulsory for everyone to blog about their CNY.
Took a plane back this year. The first time I took a plane back. 
I don't like it.
I hate landings in particular. 
Always hated it. 

Friday I went to Gurney Plaze before fetching my sister from the airport.
Wanted to get a new purse from Coach,
but ended up getting 1 that's just a fraction of the price. 

The phone covers were from a pre-CNY pasar malam. 
Super cheap because that was the last night. 
grey phone cover, 
starbucks logo phone cover, 
purse, (forgotten the shop name. 6th floor Gurney Plaza)
yellow iPhone cord,
spiky bangle set from Fourskin,
Salmon and black rose earrings from a stall in Gurney Plaza.
flat studded bracelet (same place as the purse)
spiky neon bracelet from Fourskin
and sunglasses ring from Fourskin

I don't like CNY because of all the cleaning.
Why does everything have to be spotless...

I actually planned to wear my red top for first day
but mom said everyone should wear dress.
And so I pulled out my maxi dress.

(Compensated by wearing red on the 9th day)
Hokkien New Year!!

Second day,

unleash the red!!!!
I love the top and can't wait to wear it,
but after a full day of wearing,
it kept growing longer and longer,
and now it's alsmost dress length. 

And only had 1 lousang session,
with family + mom's youngest bro and my grandfather.
Seeing my grandfather just being old is heartache worthy. 
Sorry ah kong, lu eh sun bo hao. 

For CNY I didn't go out with my friends until the day before coming back to Subang.
Watched all the tv programs!!
And there's this particular advert that's very annoying.
I think you can guess which one if you watched even 20 mins of tv. 
*badum tsss*

Oh and I downloaded the 3 Donkey Kong games
and Super Mario Bros too. 
Play all the games!!

And I bought this cute scrunchy,
I like how it matches my hair colour then.
Now my hair colour has faded into ugly blonde. --_________--lll

Had Nasi Ulam as breakfast I forgot for which day. 
With wine. hahahahaha. 
In case you can't see clearly,
the rice is blue. 

Talking about this,
I never really embraced my nyonya heritage,
but I sure love the food!!
Especially one of my aunt's Kari Kapitan. 

Not sure if Kari Kapitan is particularly nyonya food,
but the way she cook it,
the rempah she use is definitely nyonya style. 

And while sorting out months of mail which accumulated since the last time I went home,
I found this.
It's a picture by the child I sponsor through World Vision. 
Was very touched when I see this,
and it struck me that I should send him some colour pencils. =X
Useless sponsor I am. 

I stayed home about 50% of the time I was back in Penang,
and 25% was on visiting,
25% was stuck in traffic.

Being stuck in traffic in Butterworth is very new to me.
After staying there for around 20 years,
(not counting the years when I was too young to remember)
it was never that bad.

 I love how they decorate the whole stretch of road with lanterns.
That's how Chinese Jalan Ong Yi How is. 

Not much visitations this year,
we just went to the few houses that are compulsory,
and most of the relatives are not kepoh,
so I was only asked: got boyfriend ah? once.
What do you work as? once.


That was how I spent my CNY in my home town.

After coming back,
it was just work work and more work. 

So nothing much to post about.
OL problem. 

Well I hope your CNY is more fun that mine.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. Been so lazy to blog lately because there wasn't much to blog about.
I've almost stopped going to events and working life is just a giant snooze button,
so that's that. 
Will try to update more often,
but make sure you read ok?