Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Stop bashing skinnies!!!

If you didn't notice,
the trend on "beauty" has changed very drastically especially when it comes to the size of women. From the olden days when "meaty" means good, to the 50s' when curvaceous is loved, to the 90s' when thick skinny is beautiful, and to around 2000 and after, skinny skinny is the new preference  The perspective of size has moved from boobs to boobs. Coz well, no matter how skinny or fat you are, ppl still care more about your boobs.

The newest trend, has changed from "bash the fat people"
to "bash the skinny people".

Here are just a few examples of "Shit people say to skinny people":
1. Eat more please, you're too skinny.
2. You're so skinny it's unhealthy.
3. (From Charmaine) "Puke less". (They assume she was bulimic)
4. Skinny is ugly. Curves are hot.

If I were to say "eat less please, you're too fat", I'd be condemned by society, called the rude skinny bitch, and stoned to death with words of resentment. Double standard.
The 9gag community agrees. Found this on the hot page yesterday. Coincidence? 

I actually can eat a lot (but most of the time I choose not to because it's bad for digestion). If you assume that I starve myself just because I'm skinny, maybe you should keep your opinions to yourself until it's proven correct, because this time, it's wrong.

I don't understand why people assume that skinny people are unhealthy. Why can't I be skinny and healthy? I don't choose the skinny life, the high metabolism rate chose me. So the next time I hear someone say "eat more, you're too skinny" or anything along the line to me, I'm going to be really really nasty.

Oh, and by the way, skinny people do grow a little fat here and there and now and then and have all the right to feel that we've grown fatter like the "normal size" and "fat" people out there. Whenever I say "I've grown fatter" I always get the same answer:"You're not fat." Well thanks, I know that already. I didn't say I'm fat. I just say I grew fatter. You know, I'm MORE fat compared to before this. Doesn't mean I think I'm fat now. I'm not trying to get your sympathy or praises.

FYI, if I can control the degree of curves I get on my body, I would choose to be curvaceous too. But sadly, my creator did not give me this ability to adjust the size of my boobs and ass, so if you say skinny is ugly and curve is better, please teach me how to grow more boobs and ass without increasing my waist measurement. Oh and by the way, fat doesn't mean curvaceous. They could just have double the measurement I have.

I don't mind if we're close and you say that to me, but coming from people who I don't know or don't know well, it's offensive. You don't go around telling people their clothes are ugly, or their make up sucks. So why do you tell people they're too skinny and assume they starve therefore suggest they eat more?

Well to you skinny-hating people out there, this is me probably at my skinniest. You know, just to get on your nerves more.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. Fat people generally have more health problems than skinny people. Please tell them that.