Thursday, 10 January 2013

Not ready for the quarter

Happy new year!! Still first month so it's not too late yet. 2013 is here, and I'm not ready for it.

Moved into a new place for the new year. Just like last year. I didn't have internet at home till today.

So a summary of last year?

The event that helped me grow the most, is falling in love.
For the first time ever, I fell so deeply in love with someone. I didn't know it was that bad until I've finally walked out of it. I fell hard and fractured my heart, but hey, it healed, and I'm moving on. I learned a lot from that relationship. It was for the first time, in 24 years, I loved someone that much. I did things that I don't usually do. But now, I feel a little wiser. I know what I should and shouldn't do.


lyrics from 最后-梁静茹

I went to a lot of events and parties in 2012. It's like 2012 was the year of compensation for my past 23 years of non-party-going.

Second H-Artistry of 2012, the party I enjoyed the most. =X

I've never gotten the chance of partying before this. My friends weren't party people in high school, and in uni, it was worse(?). My friends were the studious type. I have no idea how I always end up with that type coz I'm always the laziest among my friends.

Went to a lot of events, workshops and even a concert with Nuffnang. The amount of money I saved from attending movie premiers is too damn high!!

I got to know a lot of bloggers through the events, and most of them are really really nice people who are anything but boring. They're crazy. I like that.

I did a lot of experiments on my hair throughout the year too.
Curl, straighten, square fringe, side fringe, center parting, extensions, short hair, bleach, dye, chances are, you name it, I've done it. And in that one year. Other than dying, all of those are my first times too. 

It was also the year of make up experiments. 
It was crazy. It was fun. It got me a lot of visits to this blog. =X I effing love make up!!!!

So many other things happened during 2012, and one of them is the 10 years anniversary of my longest-lasting-still-in-good-terms-friendship. 

I got dead drunk for the first time ever too. I-don't-wanna-drink-ever-again-drunk. Just once. 

I had a splendid year. It was a roller coaster. I love roller coasters. All these events and people I meet turn and mold me into a different person. Not all the friends that I knew last year stuck around though. It was because of a mixture of ego and just different opinions. Well those who think I'm good enough will stay by my side. Nuff said.

Now, this year, I have to face a very different life. I have a big plan ahead, and I'm still contemplating if I should take the leap. Just 10 days into 2013, and I'm a little jittery already. This year, I turn 25. I'm not ready yet. Should I decide to take the leap, 2013 will be nothing like 2012.  

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. Help...?