Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Laid-back weekend with sales

Oh the weekend started with a dash of freshness.
Went to the launch of a new range of beer with natural lemon juice.

It's definitely nice!!
Will blog about the event next!
Or maybe Friday.

Saturday and Sunday were really laid back.
I went over to the man's house  and we went out for a walk in Viva Mall.

My eyeliner flick was so perfect that day I had to take a close up shot. 
But not too close that I might scare people. 
I'm considerate. Hehehe

I usually blend red and brown for the lower outer corner of my eyes.

We went to the Boston Cafe in Viva Mall,
and for the second time,
I'm amazed by how well the chicken chop was cooked.

I ordered the Wasabi Black pPepper Chicken Chop
Mushroom Soup + Garlic Bread

The chicken,
like the first time I ate there was cooked to perfection.
It was tender and juicy.
Not over-cooked.
Just nice.

The coleslaw was sour though.

Garlic bread went really well with the mushroom soup.
The mushroom soup was filled with mushroom shreds.
Every scoop promises a copious amount of mushroom and the soup was not too creamy nor too watery.
It was a good meal.

The man ordered Beef Hor Fun, which is char kuey teow with beef.
To me, ordering hawker food in anywhere other than a hawker stall is unacceptable.

We even played Counter Strike at the arcade.
Nostalgic lol.
At first I looked around and didn't see the machine,
and my first reaction was:
What kind of arcade doesn't have Counter Strike!!
Then the man pointed at it.
Oh, ok. Hehehe.

There was a Guardian clearance sale from which I restocked on this Avene Thermal Spring Water.
This is RM10.
They have big ones for RM30 per bottle.
Not sure if it's still on though. 
Sorry I'm not a helpful type of blogger.

After that we went to his cousin's house for dinner,
and then,
I went to The Big Bad Wolf sale for the very first time.

Didn't expect to go crazy because I'm really picky when it comes to books.
To me, the cover is just as important as the synopsis.
So I only got 5 books.
Prefer the mystery genre.

Sunday was laidback.
Was at the man's house.
We went out for lunch with his family,
watched some Hunter x Hunter,
and when we caught up on the downloads,
he went to work, and I started my journey with books I salvaged from the furry beast.

And I played with the green Revlon Grow Luscious Liner
which I bought from the Guardian sale.

And that's about how my weekend went.

*Pretending to be a book lover*

I'm looking forward to this weekend, mainly because:

Yep, I'M GOING!!!

It's happening this Saturday, 14 December
and where else better for such awesomeness than
Sepang International Circuit?

I've been to the previous ones, and NO, I don't want to miss this one either!!

And for the line-up:

Green Stage
· David Guetta
· Afrojack
· Nervo
· Goldfish & Blink
· B.A.T.E.

Star Arena
· Example + DJ Wire 
· W&W
· Madeon
· XU

Prepare for some eargasm!

The pre-sale tickets are priced at RM148 and if you haven't gotten them yet,
better do it fast, they're selling out soon.
Get it online at or ALL Rock Corner Outlets.
If you can't decide yet, it's ok, you can still get tickets there at RM188 from 4pm on the spot.

VIP tickets go for RM248 and you get exclusive VIP entrance, a raised deck to party on with a good view, 2 complimentary drinks and private restroom!
Honestly, I would pay for VIP tickets just so that I don't need to queue up for the toilet. lol

You can get VIP tickets from

If you need more information,
follow them on Twitter,
or visit the website.

Another great weekend coming soon!!

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

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  1. wanted to read your post, but your fonts makes it hard to read. is it possible to change ar? if not its ok.

    by the way, sounds like a really nice weekend. hunter x hunter is good, but too bad they artist stopped the manga halfway.