Wednesday, 6 November 2013

One post to cover them all- October

New beanie!! 
It's the time again!! 
Only when I write monthly posts I feel that time flies.

Events in this post are not in chronological order.

The first major event in October was when Tiesto came by on Oct 5.
The crowd was crazy.
This is just one fraction of the full crowd.
There were a lot of people outside, at the entrance for ticket check and inside, in front of the stage.

I'm not a big fan of rave, but I love it. 
Entering was really chaotic though.
Like I said, there was a huge crowd, and crowd control was not working at the entrance.
We didn't know where to go.
There was a sign that said males to one side and females on the other because there was supposed to be body checking (for drugs and drinks),
then the VIP is supposed to be separated,
but in the end everyone was jumbled together.

Tiesto made everything right in the end so no worries. LOL.

Continuing on the music theme,
we were invited to the Converse #GETLOUD "battle of the bands" finale.

I like this pic because it's blurry. :3

There were a few metal bands and a few rock bands.
The inside of Laundry Bar was quite crowded, making the mosh pit possible.
First time I went to a concert with crowd surfing.
Too much coolness.

The winner of the contest, the metal band Sepatu walked away with a RM15,000 prize and converse products.

So much win!!!

Next, there's the "beauty" part,
or the lack of.

I went to an event organized by Mivva Beauty Box.
The event is about aesthetics, aka "minor cosmetic procedures" aka "I did something to my face, but you can't really tell, and I didn't go under the knife".

 The doctor drmonstrated what a little injection goes a long way.
Left pic is before and right pic is after the injection to the bridge of the nose.
It was a live demonstration. It only took about 15 minutes.
The girl said it didn't hurt, and there were no red marks. 
A naturally straighter nose and higher bridge in 15 minutes.

After the event there was a free consultation.

 This is how much it would cost for me to look prettier.

Doctor is quite cute lor. *cough cough*

After the event, not only do I feel ugly, I feel poor too.
The only way I can feel better is by saying:
I'm happy with the way I look.

I have 10xRM200 vouchers for MCU Clinic in Sunway Pyramid to give away!!

If you're interested, leave a comment stating that you'd like one voucher and leave your email address.
Like the Facebook page for this blog too please.

Next, still about the lack of beauty.

I bought 

From Sephora in Star Hill Gallery and with every purchase of a Benefit product, we were entitled to a *free brow waxing.

I have uneven brows and I thought the "professional" would help me correct it.
This was the result.

Absolutely terrible. 
The worst part is the promoter kept trying to persuade me to go for another session.
Bitch please, if this is what you give me, why should I go back?
It costs RM42 mind you.
RM42 for uneven brows?
I can do better.

But things get better.
My fringe is now long enough to cover my eyebrows,
so it's not that bad anymore.
When I don't draw my brows, they still look very ugly though.

I bought the ring above about 2 weeks ago,
and I've lost it.
I'm a champion at making things disappear. *poof*
I love that ring dammit, please come back.

Had a dinner session with my bitch, Jason at Bangsar.
Once in awhile I like to pretend atas and eat at Bangsar.
Guess where?

my make up posts.

This month I have 2 posts, so little compared to last year's Halloween inspired posts. =(
I've been really lazy.

And, to wrap up the month of October,
here's a pic of my newly bought white basic top from the newly opened H&M of 1U

before it was hit by the curse of white T-Shirts.
It now has 2 streaks of yellowish line and a few yellow dots on it.
I assume from the honey of the Lemon Meringue Pie. =(

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. wah i didn't get the vouchers cos i left early!!! can combine one ah? mauuuu :D

  2. I can give you 10 to giveaway. =D

  3. How was tiesto concert?You going to Wicked Event also?

  4. Tiesto was really really cool!! I'm not going to Wicked fest, but probably going to Urbanscape. =D In case you're commenting for the voucher, do leave your email address or send an email to me at

  5. Fucking seriously Tiesto was here!!!??? Damn..... arggggggggggg!!!!!
    Anyway, all time!!!!!

  6. I don't have the money to go such treatment leh.... if only they wanna sponsor bloggers hehe...
    So the cute doc also underwent such treatment and became cute? :p