Saturday, 30 November 2013

One post to cover them all- Movember

 Movember started with a bang!

Just kidding, not my car.
We saw this on the way back from Hennessy Artistry. 

The only not-extremely blurry picture I took that whole night.
When it was dark, all the pictures look great.
The next morning- was I blind the whole night?

And for once, Mr Yat actually smiled at the camera.
He usually makes all sorts of weird faces.

 Ok, first let's get all the selfies out of the way. 

 Pretending to be a teenage girl

 Red lips

New lipstick from Maybelline

 Red lips again.
Fav selfie of the month!
*cough cough*

Au naturel face at Urbanscapes.

Of course there are more.
I just want to post a few so that people know this is what I look like. 

Then there are the outfit posts.
New kicks

 New white basic top

 All black outfit.
My nails actually have colourful glitter but not visible.

 Another basic top. I bought 2. =X
I like white tops because it's my lazy go-to.

Top from Milktee clothing.
Bought them really long ago but only wore it twice.

Cropped top with maxi skirt

Then comes the new products

Love this matte top coat.
It gives a new breath to the usual nail polish
Only problem is, it fades off really fast.

And then, there's food.
I'm trying to eat healthy.
Most frustrating situation I've encountered recently:
I've gained almost 5kg, most gone to my waist and some to the thighs..
When I say I've gained weight, everyone just goes "You're not fat".

Bitch I'm not saying I'm fat, I said I gained weight. FACT!
And trust me, I see my body more than you.
If I say I've become plumper, don't tell me I haven't.
I'm not asking for your opinion.

Another frustrating encounter:
You so skinny no need to eat healthy la.

Bitch what kinda logic is that?

So, even though I still eat oily food,
I try to take fruits with that. 
And yogurt.

There was a surprise birthday celebration for Xi Voon,
but since it's a surprise, we couldn't rush her.
The whole meeting time was pushed back 2 hours because one problem came after another lol.
Susan was the mastermind behind this and they were suppose to just meet and have lunch.
We were all surprised, because one of our friend who went to study in Japan, Li Ee came back!!!
Everyone just went crazy for awhile there.

They kept our seats for really long, because they won't serve until everyone was there,
but in the end they let us in, because Li Ee who came alone,
have been waiting there for hours.

In the end I had to leave before the birthday girl arrived,
and luckily I saw her right when I was getting into my car.

Pretended that I happened to be there and I was leaving because I'm sending my sister to the airport (which was true).
Gave her a hug, said goodbye then left.

She later called me a liar. LOL
In a good way la. 
I didn't tell her the whole truth. =X

 Went to Big Hug Burgers in SS15 Subang Jaya.
It should be renamed "Big waste of time" because we waited 1 hour for 10 numbers.
 And the burger is not that great.
"Big disappointment Burger"

And this ladies and gentlemen,
is how much I love Nando's.

Did you know they have delivery service?
Check the menu at the website (you need flash for that)
or call 1300886555

I have the number under "favourites".
Because... when I'm lazy and feel like eating some nicely grilled chicken,
they are who I call. 

So that's mostly what happened in Movember that I haven't talked about in my previous posts.
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That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. Wah, so lazy post all in one post ah? Hahaha

  2. Pretending to be a teenager. You are not a teen kah?

  3. No. I don't think mid-twenties is still considered "teen". lol.