Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The coconut phase

Behold, the "coconut hair".

The pic below is the night I cut my fringe. 
The beginning. 
*dum dum dum*

I pushed my hair behind the ears, so ya, I look like a boy.
It looked way shorter coz I pushed it to the side.
I think it looks nice that way, but really, 
Not even a man. 

I always cut my own fringe.
Unless I was already at the saloon dying my hair and they ask if I want to trim it.
(sometimes I say no too, because I have... trust issues. LOL)

I wanted to try the short fringe look

but failed because I didn't take into account the rest of my hair style.

So this is the before picture.

Side swept bangs which reach the tip of my nose when combed down to the front. 

With the current (super) short fringe, it's very easy to have a bad hair day.
Because, you know, bad hair cuts tend to lead to bad hair every day.
 Was pretty sad the first few days la. 
But now I'm proud enough to camwhore and post pictures on my blog. 

It's a wonder how fast the fringe grows.
After about 1 week it's almost touching my eyebrows already. 

We ALL have insecurities, and this coconut phase really made me question my decisions.
Last Friday I went to Sepang for Arthur's Day,
and still feeling really bad with my terrible "skills",
I posted the picture below on instagram.
(note the caption and comment)

Reenactment of my expression when I read that comment. 

If I wanted compliment from the whole world I would post a picture of myself (with cleavage) and caption it "I'm ugly". 
Then hashtag
 #pretty #asian #girl.

*rolls eyes*

Since not much people saw me with that fringe before,
the event was pretty much the "debut" of the coconut phrase. 
I don't expect the whole world to say that I'm pretty without seeing what I look like. 

I'm not that  delusional okay.

The defence is strong in this one.

Don't you associate me with girls who actually beg for attention. *snaps fingers*

the reason I cut my fringe "too short"
is that I want to try out different looks,
as many looks as possible
and see if I'm really that versatile.
(and I do have terrible skills, but that's not the point.)

And it turns out that the answer is YES.
Because I don't care what others think about this look.
I like it. Now.

And it makes me look younger.
*silent sniggers*

No more weird hair after this because I AM getting a little too old to do crazy experiment with hair.
After this I'm going to play it safe and keep my hair long
since my sister's wedding is coming and I'm the maid-of-honour.
*smug face*

Must at least not look like a coconut.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

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