Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Green Day says they're awake

When nature gives you rain,
find a way to make it fun.

So, YAY, this is another monthly post. If you get what the title means.
So it's probably an over-used quote, but it's still fun to use. Hehehehe
Give me merit for even updating please? 

So the month of September was quite quiet I guess.
Went through my phone and didn't find much interesting things that I captured.

I finished a puzzle which I bought very long ago.
I finally went and bought the frame so that I can just build the whole puzzle in it instead.
I love puzzles,
but they really cost too much to be a hobby.

So here's a random doodle.

The highlight I guess is A-Yue's concert in Penang.
It was the first time I drove back to Penang.
I drove from Penang back to KL before, but not the other way around.

The performance was great, but the turnout was quite disappointing.
he interacted well with the crowd,
and ended fabulously. 

He even brought in the indigenous taiwanese dancers
and since he's one of the indigenous, he brought over his traditional costume too.
It looked a lot like the look of American Indians.
With the big headdress. 
Majestic as f.

Road trip to Penang= food hunt.

Brought my dude around and was planning to go to the Toy Museum,
but it was closed when we got there.
They changed the closing time from 9pm to 6pm.

After that we had our little adventure to the road less travel on Penang Island.
Literally the road less travelled.
It was quite scary because it turned dark half way through,
and you don't see cars on the road,
it's a hilly area,
and half way through, the radio started getting messed up and just went "kshhhhh..."

The whole experience was like the beginning of a horror movie.
Bimbo girl with bf decided to take the road that no one travels.
It turns dark,
there are no cars around,
the roads are not well lit,
and the radio goes crazy half way.

Bimbo girl makes a mistake and engine dies.

Dum dum dum.

Then the engine started right back and they drove to safety.

Quite awesome. (since we made it out alive). Hehehe.

I found this app that was free for a day called Typic Pro. (pic above)
It's really fun and easy to use,
but only available for ios.

'Twas midautumn festival and I spend it at home, sad and alone.
Just kidding.
I was home alone though.

Had my first mooncake of the year 1 week after midautumn festival because I was too cheap to buy them before.
You know how they sell it really cheap after that.
I didn't' even buy this.
The dude gave them to me. ^_______^

Mivva sponsored a beauty box, again.
So grateful for this.
I've only tried the contact lens for now, and it's not bad at all.
Will write a post about it soon.

Last but not least,
the coconut hair crisis.

I talked about it in the previous post.
My fringe grows really fast and now it's already touching my brows.

Good for me. :3

So how will October be?
It started not bad!! Hopefully it'll end the same way. =D

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

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  1. I love love love your hair (: suits you and whoa, beauty box now gives contact lens too!