Monday, 9 September 2013

One post to cover them all- August

The last picture I took with my long hair. I miss it already, but everyone seems to like me with short hair more. *sigh*

So this post is about August.
I realize that I took a lot of pictures, thinking "I'll blog about this later" but never get to use them. 
So, this is going to be a monthly thing,
as the title suggests,
a blogpost to cover all the events that I might or might not have blogged about.

First significantly interesting event that happened in August.

Stand-up comedy with Douglas Lim & Patrick Teoh, per se. 
I had a great laugh, and a little "bonding" session with the gang I went with after that.
Haven't hung out with friends in a big group for a long time.

So this was the look that I wanted when I decided I want a change with my hair. 
Curls. I love them, but they don't love me. 
The first time I curled my hair, it was disaster.
the curls were too shallow and close that I look a lot older, (at least I think so).
Not to mention it also ruined my hair. 
I had very dry hair for a very long time.

The second time was more disastrous, as I wrote in the full story of my hair makeover.
(For people who cut of 2 inches of hair and call it a makeover, please stand aside).


I went home during the Raya holidays.
And I think this is the first time I'm showing a photo of my entire family. 
Who do you think I look like more? 
*scratches chin*

First time I took Malindo Air, to fly from Subang Airport to Penang
and I took Berjaya Air from Penang back to Subang.
They're both affordable with free food and water
and 20kg (I think) of free luggage weight.

Moving on,
Good Vibes Music Fest.

My outfit for Good Vibes.

The pants were actually super short.
I got them in Bangkok, and didn't get to try them.
Cropped top from 6th floor of Sungai Wang. 
Necklace from H&M.

A rare picture of my dude and I
We rarely take picture together...
because we rarely take pictures at all.

The main act was Smashing Pumpkins,
we were there until the end,
but I think to everyone who waited till the end's dismay,
they didn't sing 1979.

 Then the day after Good Vibes, I went to this Tiger Street Football even that was held in 1Utama.

Met and greeted the gorgeous Fabio Cannavaro.
Melt die.
Because he's 40 and still hot.
His eyes are a mesmerizing shade of light blue.
*suddenly fangirl*

Since I know nothing about football,
that's the best I can tell about this event.
Did wiki him before he came in so I know just that little bit about him.

And guess who got to take a picture with him. 

 I won Clinique moisturiser from Charmaine + Nuffnang!!

Bought ringlight and tested it out. 
25 and acting cute with duck face and all.

 Checked out the Mission Q in SS15 Subang, right above Watson's facing the main road.

We took the room 2 challenge, which is "Escape from the Matrix".
It has nothing to do with the movie so don't worry,
just try it. 

We were the first team to finish and successfully escape yo!!!

But it was just their soft launch, someone probably beat our time by now. lol.
Basically the whole point of the game is to escape a "room" within the given time.
There are clues which you need to solve,
and sometimes, things are really not what they seem.

After that we went to a sushi joint, Sushi Flash a few shops next to Watsons.
It's new. The shop was the old Tutti Fruitti. 
All the sushi were really cheap,
and the food matches the price.

It's not bad though. 

On the same day,
we became adventurers with Heineken.
I ended up with a crate of Heineken. :3

I did a tutorial on this look.
Click for the tutorial.

August was ok to me. 
There were ups and downs.
But as a OL,
there's not much happening in my life,
I go to work, I go home.

Wish my life was a lot more interesting,
but wasn't born with a silver spoon in any part of my body,
and I don't get to do the "my daddy buys me everything but I still want more" rant.

But I guess it's good to be financially independent, 
and that my blog is not my only income.

So now, September,
I hope you're as beautiful as this sunrise.

That's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. Don't mind if I can sustain my spendings just by blogging though. =X