Friday, 13 September 2013

Alternate Rock Make Up Tutorial *UPDATED*


The finale for Converse #GetLoud competition has been changed to 6 Oct instead of 5 October!!


After doing so many "costume party make up",
I think it's time to do tutorials for something that we can use more often. 

I was thinking what look to go for for awhile now, and then this came along. 

 Converse is organizing GET LOUD Gig Tour,
and *lightbulb* 
I'm going to do an alternate "rocker" make up.

Alternate rock as in another version of rock make up,
not the genre. =X

Alternate because rather than the usual full black eyeshadow and think black eye liner "Avril Lavigne" look,
I'm rocking other colours.

Starting with a clean face.

Using a blue eyeshadow, 
draw it on your lid as if it's your eyeliner.
Flick it up slightly at the end.

 After the line is set, slowly make the flick a lot longer. 
The trick is to extend the liner a little bit pass your original eye length, then change the angle and draw it upwards, little by little. 
Draw the line towards your temples.

Draw a thin line of black eyeliner with a small flick
As you can see, the blue has gotten below the eyes too,
but it's ok. 

Here's how it looks with eyes closed.
Not messy.

I used a liquid liner with a fine tip
to draw a thin line on the frame of my eyes.
From end to end.
Make sure the line towards the inner corners are thinnest.

I smudged a little black shadow (with the blue shadow used for the eyelid) under my eyes,
blurring the black line that was just drawn.

It turns out to be smokey-ish,
but still softer than the usual rock look. 
Brush on some blush and a light lipstick.

The final step- adding false lashes.

The final look with eyes closed

 The lashes completes the overall look. 

Serious face with alternate rock make up. 

The eye make up is almost smokey,
but when eyes are closed,
everything looks clean.

Since the eyes look bold enough,
I don't want to go with a dark lipstick.
Just keep the focus on the eyes.


If you're interested with the poster on top,
The first show will be on this Saturday at Penang Hill.
Imagine chilling (literally) and enjoying the performance of local bands.

No entrance fee needed.
Save the night for a cool jamming session. 
Starts at 7pm. 

The time again, in case you're too lazy to scroll back up. 
#iknowmyreaders LOL

Click here to go to Converse Malaysia's FB page for all the information you need
if you're interested to join!!
Rockers shouldn't be shy!!

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. The top 3 of the "How Loud Can You Get" contest will walk away with up to RM20,000 worth of cash and prizes

Support the local bands (that actually play instruments)!!

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