Saturday, 10 August 2013

Turning 25

The reason my blog is so dead recently is because I have nothing to write about
and when I do have something to write about, 
I'm lazy.

So, with the combination of 1 month of procrastination, boredom, and going through my pictures in my phone,
I've decided that it's time to write how I turned 25. 

For starters, I was born 25 years ago, so I turned 25 this year. Logic.

Now to the not so detailed details.

The Pre-Birthday Celebration

My birthday was on Sunday. My colleagues threw a small party for me in Secret Recipe near my office
and invited people that I hang out with in the office,
which is basically 2 other translators, the fiance or one of the translator, and another dude that everyone likes. LOL. Because I'm a snob and I don't interact much with my colleagues.

They didn't tell me it was for my birthday but I guessed it anyway,
because on Thursday my boss was quite concerned if I would just suddenly not show up on Friday.

She should not play anything that needs a poker face.

So my first cake(s)?

The strawberry one was super sour and no one liked it, so I finished it because, well it's my cake.

Saturday was another lazy day. I spent most of the day at home and at night, I went to this epic party.

My second time at "Where's The Party".
Basically as the name of the party suggests, we don't know where the party is. 
We get the gathering point, and we're supposed to be sent to the venue in a bus.
This year it was different because the meeting point IS the venue.

It was way better than the first one I went to,
which was the one in Carlsberg factory.

This time I knew more people there, and I had a hellova good time.
I drank too much and spend the end of the night feeling awful because

And I look stupid in all the pics because I was pulling all sorts of weird faces. 

The most decent picture of moi, but Iris looks funneh la. 
Picture by Jackie

Pictures from Yeeing's blog.

Luckily I went with Yat who made sure I was alright and sent me home.

7 July - L'anniversaire

I feel that I look older. I went for the "How I think a 25 year old should look" look.

I just curled my hair and part my hair to the side to look more mature. XD
After spending the entire morning hung-over, I finally got up and got ready for my awesome day of officially turning older. 

The dude Mr Yat brought me to Ficelle in Taman Desa. 

It's a patisserie but they have other food like spaghetti too. 

Taken with S4 LOL.

After that we went to Pavilion and just walked around. 
I went to Sephora LOT10 to claim my birthday present from them. 

Just show the email to the ladies at the counter and they'll happily give it to you with an extra "happy birthday". =D
I actually spent a lot of money there la, but... it was my birthday. =X
A good reason to spend a lot of money. 

Had dinner at Ichibanboshi in Pavilion.
All my favourite. The fish skin was oily and soggy, but the rest were OISHII!!!!

Wanted to get a Happy Birthday Sticky for myself but... I didn't know so many people shared my birthday...
I have my very own "driver". It was a good day. 


After my enjoyable weekend, I didn't get to rest much for the rest of July weekends.
I had outing with friends from uni and my friend came from Penang. 

 The funny faces are nicer lol. 

My UM gang that spend a lot of time together for 3 years.

It wasn't a birthday celebration, but I was glad I hung out with them, because even though we meet around twice a year, we'll still have things to talk about every time we meet, and time is never enough.

I definitely more mature now, even though I still think I have a big room for improvement. 

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. I'm eyeing that peach thingy at Ficelle :p what's it called? oh and happy belated birthday! >.< a

  2. I have no idea what it's called. I just took it when I saw it there. lol.

  3. sames goes here, nothing much to write too~ happy birthday~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)

  4. Wao~~ It's nice to have gathering twice a year.... :)