Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Dat non-existing things called prooof-read*

Yes, irony.

If you don't know, I work both full time and freelance as a translator/ copywriter. #UnnecessaryConfession 

I sometimes have to check the work of other people and although I don't have perfect grammar, I do try my best to follow the rules, especially when it's work related. Even in my blog I try to make it as grammatically correct as possible.

I've been very annoyed recently because I have to endure the horror of correcting obvious grammatical mistakes, which are absolutely ridiculous.

I get it, people make mistakes, I wouldn't dare say that there are zero errors in my work, but the correction I have to do for others is incredibly stupid.

I think it's unacceptable that people who are paid to work could be so lazy in proof-reading.

I could understand when people make mistakes when speaking, because the brain might not be able to form a grammatically correct sentence on cue, but this is written work, the person is given enough time to check it, and yet I find sentences like:

Tradition industry are fishery

The florid of rose are love. As to express his endless love to his beloved, he frozen the rose and gave it to the girl. They live a happily life ever after.

The egg that made with golden symbolize harvest and prosperous, but only those who are rich enough will craft this mascot on purpose.

and one of the best 

In Greece mythology, Prometheus light a star anise out if the flame of sun car. He brings the fire and walk into human, Athena then blow a magic wind into it. When the flame was finally blow off, it turns into a crystal that able to bloom 7 different colour.

My brain hurts when I see sentences like these. And this is AFTER I rejected the work and asked the person to check. TWICE

I wonder if the people who wrote these sentences read and understood it. Somebody save me. 

I don't think there's an excuse for such terrible mistakes. If you apply for a job that involves and revolves around language and grammar, you should know your shit. If not, you should know you're shit. 

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. I did think it through, you know, if it's unprofessional to talk about work, but I'm not talking about the people I work for, I'm just pointing out how lazy some people can be. And to be honest, if the people really did their job, this post wouldn't come up. So that's that. 


  1. The examples you've given, I don't understand even though I read twice LOL.

  2. I think my standard is better than that. Hire me pls!

  3. Jennifer- I read a few times yet I can't understand.

    Charmaine- Cannot, your mandarin fail. =X

  4. I''m an English teacher yet I still don't understand those crap.

    And one more thing, if you read my blog, you'll find that my England is so horrible ppl are actually wondering if I AM a qualified English teacher or not.. haha!

    *my blog sucks coz I write macam I speak, which is horrible!*

  5. Tak pe la merryn.we rojak ma. Rojak can interpret better

  6. Merryn, blogging is different ma. This one is work wei. Formal stuff. For non-formal stuff use manglish normal la.