Friday, 10 May 2013

Party crash!!

So I did something quite badass last Friday night.
*cue song*

Fortunately I didn't go skinny dipping in the dark 
and had menage a trois (more commonly known as a threesome).

But I party crashed.

It's true that when you reach your late twenties, you start not giving a shit. 

I'm smacked right in the middle of twenties, but reading what people say what they do and how they react when they're in their late twenties, I can (sadly) say that I've lived my early twenties like I've always been 29. 
Click here and you'll understand what I mean. 
I can totally relate to 80% of them.

So here's how the story goes.
This dude a.k.a my beloved bitch a.k.a Jason Ryan Salvatore a.k.a. Jason Ryan Cheah a.k.a Jason
sent me a text and told me that "MAB is in Summit this year"
My first reaction was "Summit doesn't have a place for MAB".

Partners in crime.

For those who don't know what MAB here means (most probably 99.9% of you),
MAB is Majlis Anugerah Bestari.
Bestari is the residential college I stayed in for all 3 years of my uni life,
and I miss it a hell lot. 
It's basically, to the non-muslims at least, a no dance prom night. 

Everyone dresses up, even the usual slobs would put on at least a decent shirt.

Jason said someone paid and couldn't go (because she went home for elections on Friday)
so I took her place. 

Went home and changed and added slapped more make up on my face
and off I went.
It was in Summit Hotel.
When Jason told me "Summit" I kept thinking about Summit Mall. LOL.
Totally forgot about the existance of the hotel until he told me it's on the 5th floor.
And I still kept thinking where in the heck is there a place for a dinner event in 5th floor of Summit Mall.

Since it's quite an official dinner,
of course there's the whole shebang.
Speeches, launch gimmicks, performances, and FOOD.
Theme was black, white and red.

Since I have no outfit that has all 3 coluors, I decided to go as a Zebra, as Shii Teck puts it. 

Pictures could be deceiving. This one definitely is.

I got to sit with my juniors/ friends for the dinner too. =D

Since it was a dinner, all we did was eat and talk, but we were super hyped when they started performing.
The 4th CC Diabolo Team!!

They were great!! A little misses here and there, but overall, it was really cool. 

The menu

And the food

Picture curtesy to Jin Jin. 

Dress from H&M
Shoes from Charles & Keith

I don't know what kind of face that is, Jason. 

And my sexy lady, Tania a.k.a Cocoro

The only junior that I know after I graduated and took a pic with.
Clutch from Cotton On.

Most of the people I knew sit at the table with me...
That's what happens when you've graduated almost 2 years ago,
and hasn't gone back a lot. 

Ok maybe I chose the wrong party to crash because it was quite boring,
but it was impromptu, which is what I like. 

Thanks Jason for "inviting" me. XD 

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

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