Tuesday, 14 May 2013

License to fly

3.5 years ago, I spent the eve of Christmas and the first half of Christmas on 2 planes in 3 airports.
(Bottom Stamp)

The second time I used this passport (2 stamps on top), I had a really exciting time while still in the airport. 

So for both times I used this old passport I had a (few) good stories to tell. Ask me. =D 

After that I never went other than going from Butterworth to Penang Island.
But I've decided to renew my passport again.

With the power of money vested in me, I give thee a chance to live for 5 years.

Ok la so I had to go to the immigration office to do that. 
I did a lot of research on passport renewal before going because I didn't want to mess up and had to take another day off to go again. 

Having a job can be troublesome some times. *first world problem*

Few days before I went over, my colleagues went to renew theirs and they encountered problems from the immigration side, so I wished really hard to the third star north west to the moon to grant me a smooth sailing passport renewal trip.

Bless that star. 

I took a day off on Friday so that I can sort of have a long weekend, and after awhile realize it was a bad decision because, you know, it's Friday and people don't really want to work on Fridays,
and it's a government department, so they'll probably stop quite long for lunch and prayers.

But I don't see a better day in the future to do it, and just went ahead. 

I reached the Kelana Jaya branch, located in Plaza Gomac at this time.

I went in and asked the officer standing at the counter next to the door and he was really polite and helpful.
 I'm not sure if they accept the pictures you bring, but I think it would be safer to take the pictures there. It was RM10 for 4 pictures, those photo booths, and if you don't like the first 1, you have 3 tries in total. 

Outside, other people offered RM8 for 4 pictures, but you don't get to see your pictures, and it might turn out bad. =X *bimbo thinking*
The abang was nice la so it was all easy peasy.

I went to the machine and there was only 1 person before me who was already at it.
The machine is at the left side of the office behind a glass wall, don't need to take a number for it.
Just stand in line and wait for your turn.

The machine will give you all instructions in really easy steps,
so don't worry about not knowing how to use.
There's a lady inside monitoring your screen as well so it'll be fine.

When it was time to pay, I realize that the machine only takes RM100 and RM50 notes,
I had RM10 notes, so I went to the photo booth and asked the man to change it with me.

He was really helpful. He asked me to go to Counter 3, and the lady there gave me a RM100 note in exchange for my RM10.

After that I went back to the machine and repeated the procedure.
Finally did all the things, gave the picture to the lady in the office next to the machine and voila! 

The wait is on. It was supposed to take 1 hour, but their system was down and I had to wait 2. Not too bad.

I stayed there for 2 hours and read half a book.

By this time I have collected my passport and was on the way to my car.

The changes in 3 years is crazy.
See how much my makeup skills have improved. =D

1 picture. (Can be taken on the spot)
Your IC. Just the original for the machine.
Your old passport.
A few hours of patience.

Don't hesitate to ask the help of the people there.
If you're friendly, they're friendly too.

If you need more infor, just drop a comment.

Some immigration offices are open on Saturdays too!!
Check here.
That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir


  1. Makeup got so much impact? :O

  2. Teach me make up pls. LOL. That ah loi said i got make up = no make up pttf

  3. If only I'm braved enuf to show ppl my passport pic. It was horrible... horrible!

  4. my passport pic looks like maid! T.T