Thursday, 23 May 2013

It's like I don't know myself anymore

Sometimes I forget who I am.

I like to try out different looks and take pictures because I change so much in such a short time, I want to preserve at least the memory of different identities while I'm still young.  
Most of the time, I'm changing how I look. My hair, my make up, my wardrobe. 
It's fun to experiment around with your looks when you're still young, because as you get older, you get lazier and just conform to whatever you are at that time.

And slowly, you die inside. It's just the physical heart that lives on. 
You become a zombie. 

I keep this question in mind: When was the last time you did something for the first time?
Is your life now in loop mode that everything is just running on auto-pilot?

I'm glad I have a blog and try to be as active as I can,
because with my blog, I have been given chances to try new things from time to time. 
It's a little sad because a lot of my first times happened only after I graduated from uni,
which is when people usually start to settle down.

My first time nearly fainting at an event was last year. LOL. (Due to low blood pressure)
My first time in a club was 1.5 years ago.
My first (not really) party crash was this month. 
My first time to Sunway Lagoon was 2 Saturdays ago, which was also my first ride on the Vuvuzela Ride, thanks to Nuffnang.
My first time to a concert will be this weekend, thanks to Galaxy Group and Don. 

I know too many people who have done most of the mentioned when or since they're under-aged.

Unrelated to the above topic, I just want to say that a woman wouldn't let her man think that he has the need to earn a lot of money to sustain her lavish lifestyle.

Suddenly the idea of marriage is gripping me really tight, and it's not because I intend to get marry soon,
but because there are at least 4 people around me who are currently engaged or will be engaged very soon.
All are somewhat planning for their weddings, and they're all around my age. (Some people my age are already married, not shotgun).

I just find it sad that every time when people my age talk about marriage, all their concern is more on "money". We are such a materialistic generation.

If people from our parents' era could get married by renting a place and travelling around in a motorcycle, why should we expect more? Because we can't handle "poverty".
It's not even poverty for most people, it's just "economical".

Our generation gets so much from our parents that I know a lot of girls who would probably breakdown if they had to live "economical" lifestyle. I secretly wish they'd marry men that earn average salaries. How would you get your designer bags now?

Whenever I say that I could get married without a house or car, people call me naive, that marriage isn't as easy as that.

But why is it more about money now than before?

Here are more unrelated pictures. Because I want to post them.

Act "cute" while I'm still young.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. Sorry for the wordy post with unrelated... Cleavage!!


  1. so did you find out that who are you know? LOL :X

    Marriage memang more concern about money first, especially in chinese wedding . . . :/

  2. It's true that enjoying life as early as possible. And I;m glad I have a lot of cool people around me, like you <3

  3. lol the one with the black lipsticks so creepyyyy! anyway.. not to say materialistic.. but without money.. life could be really hard.

  4. Well... I'm living in poverty lol... My basic salary is 500 per month. Can survive la if don't simply spend :X