Monday, 22 April 2013

Wrong group, right motivation

The group: Nuffnang Fashion Fabulous.
The reason it's the wrong group: I think it's pretty obvious.

I was invited to the Nuffnang Fashion Fabulous group gathering yesterday,
22 April 2013.

I was held in The Warehouse on Jalan Tun H S Lee.
I've never been there before but thanks to the help of Yat, I got there without getting lost.
*sigh of relief*
(Because I usually get lost whenever I drive to KL)

when I got there, there were 3 brands preparing their display,
which we would later rummage through in hopes of finding the perfect outfit.

Pestle and Mortar Clothing's display

The Warehouse is quite the artsy place.
They have a whole wall almost full of paintings.

Their "mini bar"

And being the artsy place,
even their toilet has graffiti

with message that escalated quickly. 

A "mini cafe" at the back of the shop

And a stairway to somewhere I didn't explore yesterday.

Hi. I took pictures and spammed my instagram timeline 
because I didn't know anyone at that time and was pretending to be busy.

Bought my necklace in the bazaar at The Curve.

And after waiting for those who came late to arrive *cough cough*
We finally started the event around 45 mins later. 

Come on la. I drove from Subang to KL and managed to be early,
anyone who lives within that range should have a really good excuse. 
(like getting lost. Highly acceptable excuse. Really. =X)

First, the representative from phatculture gave a brief introduction.  

Next was Milktee's turn
I like their clothes the most.

And lastly Arnold (dj of gave an introduction to his brand, Pestle and Mortar.

After the introduction, Sue Anne told us about the challenge. 
The challenge is to form a team of 2 and pull together an outfit from the clothes there.
Since the other girls seem to know each other and already formed a clique before I even talked,
I formed a team with Wendy, who, like me, looked like she didn't know any of the girls too.

(ok I don't know if that's true, but that was what her expression said. =X)

Anyway, off we go combing the racks of clothes,
and waiting to change into those outfits.
And while we're at that, 
finger food was provided. 

Personal favourite. :3 Probably because I like eggs.
And the toast was crispy. 

I didn't like this at all. =/

I didn't try this. --____________--lll

 Ok so this was my second attempt. My first attempt was pairing the top from Milktee with a faux leather skirt from Milktee. Like I said, I like their clothes. But that didn't turn out too good because... I have bad taste and pulling an outfit together at short notice is not a good idea for me.

The skirt in the pic above was actually what I wore to the event. I wore t-shirt and a skater skirt to a fashion fabulous event. See why I say I'm in the wrong group? --__________--lll

I decided to change into these ripped jeans from Milktee. I never had ripped jeans,
and these looked kinda cool, and you can't go wrong with black pants,
so yeah, that's basically how I dress up. The safe way. 

My first "acceptable" outfit.
Top and ripped jeans from Milktee. 
The top has a name, and it's a girl's name too. *cue Mulan's voice*

I forgot to have a waist.

After that I decided to try out other clothes, 
and in the end settled with this cropped top. 

Took a shot with JQ because we were both wearing tops from Pestle and Mortar. 
I was looking at another camera I swear. 
It's the unintentional "look away from camera" look. 

After that it was my self-proclaimed camwhore time. 

Snapback and top from Pestle and Mortar.

I've never tried the snapback look before,
but I kinda like it now. =D

My cropped top is available and on sale here (as of the time of writing).
It only comes in 1 size (size 12).

Wendy's first outfit from Phatculture. 
A very cute lace dress.
She was quite insecure because she's not exactly a size S
(which is what online "free size" basically mean)
but she managed to find something in the end. =)

Wendy's second outfit. 
Top from Milktee skirt from Phatculture.

Our team shot. =D

Ok the pictures are quite grainy coz it was taken at the stairs which is too dark for my phone's cam. 
Tsk tsk. 

I prefer the close up shot but it didn't really showcase the clothes. 
Well my outfit anyway.

If you think that our outfit deserves an obamaface,
help us win products from Melvita bright range by commenting here. Do mention that you love our outfit. *points at no.3.*... or not.

Although the other girls rocked, they're so fair liao they dun need brightening products la. =X Our team is the tanned girls group. *cough cough*

I ended up with the t-shirt and jeans because I suck at coordinating and it's quite hard to go wrong with a white t-shirt and black jeans. LOL. Sadness.
I should be banned from this group. --____________--lll

I guess being in this group is a good motivation for me to buck up
and really look into fashion. 
Doesn't seem like I learned a lot from all those ViVi mags I have piled up. tsk.

Bangkok, I will comb you inside out and rob you of fashionable clothes!! Just wait!!

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. Vote for me. Please.


  1. I've always love Pestle and Mortar's clothes :D and you actually look good in the snapback! Love Wendy's 2nd outfit too. So fun that you guys get to play dress up during a gathering!

  2. bangkok gonna have robber soon.....

  3. "I forgot to have a waist" LoL! So funny lah you!

    Ok ok.. I love your outfit! You rocked ripped jeans!

  4. the jeans is so nice!!! looks great on u! :D