Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Seize the day!! Carpe Diem!!!

If you notice the trend of these recent years after social media sprouted, you'd know that people nowadays, especially youth, are obsessed with recording all aspects of their life with pictures. Food, entertainment, gathering with friends... It's all over Facebook, Twitter, and of course, Instagram. That, plus the amount of young people owning a DSLR, a compact camera or at least opt for a better resolution camera on a mobile phone, would probably give you an idea of how important taking pictures is to the people now. 

This design, Carte Diem is a play of words combining "carte", which means card in French, and the concept of "carpe diem". 

When we say carpe diem, it's about seizing the moment and living life to the fullest. In times now, money is usually needed in order to do that. So what happens if you're having fun but you suddenly realize you don't have enough cash with you? It would be quite a bummer if you have to run off to the nearest ATM to get money. This is when you let Carte Diem help you avoid embarrassment in a stylish manner. 

The concept is to live life to the fullest (carpe diem) while we're still young without the problem of being low on cash. The camera symbolizes the capturing of the best moments of your life. 

Capturing the moment of fun and enjoyment with your credit card just like you're recording a valuable memory with a camera. Just one swipe, like the clicking of the shutter, and everything you're doing and paying for will be down in history. Why miss the opportunity when you can grab it? Your ticket of opportunity to live life to the fullest is in your grasp.  Take it, record it, remember it.

Carpe diem with Carte Diem. Never miss another great moment (because you're short on cash). *wink*

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

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