Thursday, 21 March 2013

I try to sell clothes

So this is the first time I was paid (?) to be a model.

It was for a colleague who owns an online shop.
I got clothes from her instead of cash,
but well, close enough.

Here are the pictures which (I assume) she used.
Of course they're edited. A lot. 

Simple black dress which comes with a cape looking thing/ sleeves. 

Love this dress a lot!!! 

Look at the details. 

From my instagram

When my hair was still purplish. 

Hi-low dress which is actually quite short. And I'm short. Sho itzu very shorto. 

So for the first time, I was actually not too upset about how I turned out. 
The pictures weren't that hard to edit.

And somehow they managed to make me look slim and kinda tall. 

I'm not good at posing so most of the poses were quite awkward.
It was raining the whole morning.
We got to Putrajaya at around 7am, and had to wait till around 10am to start shooting.
We wanted to wait for the rain to stop but it kept pouring for 3 hours.
When we started the shoot it was still drizzling, but it finally dried up soon.

It was quite interesting because I've been to Putrajaya for a few shoots and
this was the first time I wasn't in the park. 
We went to the buildings and the guards said it was ok to shoot outside.

It was a different experience and I have way nicer looking pictures than before.
Don't think I want more shoot though.
I'm so awkward I feel like digging a hole and posing inside when facing the camera. 

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. Wah so fast. Thank you thank you. =D

  2. Come on babeh. Marry me. Whale you be ma model forever?

  3. Lai when you wanna become my model XD

  4. Jennifer: I don't wanna be the fox spirit.

    Choulyin: I like it too, but it's really very short. Just tilt to the front slightly and your butt will see the world. And vice versa.

    Iris: Never, if you're using your sardine.

  5. Love the black dress! Look very classy :D What's the name of the blogshop btw?

  6. good enough... the clothes look good on u! :)

  7. u look so prett-tiful!!! <3 no jokes... got high potential to be a model...phewit!;D

  8. nice! and you really express the clothes well and makes ppl have the desire to buy them ! (*^^*)

  9. But .. but.. you look so chantek you should model more!!

  10. Why can't I use my sardin can T^T

  11. Because i can't edit the pics. =X