Thursday, 24 January 2013

Rave rave rave

I have no idea how I took this pic but it turned out awesome!!

So in case you didn't know (it's all over the radio and social media),
We Love Asia Music Festival was held on the 19 & 20 January in Sepang International Circuit. 
I got passes for both days. 

This is what happens when you use your front camera at a dark place. Noob. 
The taller girl is Jennifer by the way. 

Doors opened at 5pm
and the party started before the sky was even dark.
pic from WLA fb page.

The first night was just ok. It was nice because Jennifer was there to go crazy with me. XD
We stayed in the normal zone for quite some time,
but once we went into the drinking zone, the whole mood changed.

Taio Cruz's part was nice, though he did look like he wasn't putting the least effort into singing. 
I guess his part was nice because, well there was lyrics to go crazy to,
as opposed to well just raving.

Imagine shouting "I've got a hangover wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo"
rather than just shaking your booty to the beat. 

The amount of beautiful people there is too damn high!!
the amount of boobs almost falling out of bikinis and tank tops is too damn high too!!

 The second day gang. 

The highlight of these 2 days for me would be when Redfoo of LMFAO came out. 
Well I heard Steve Aoki was awesome too, 
but I didn't stay till that late because,
well it was Sunday night.

Oh when he pulled his pants down and started to wiggle. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! *Crazy girl possessed scream*
Forgive me for not taking pictures. I was too busy fanning myself. 
(and probably discreetly wiping off the drool)

Oh, and he kept saying "Yeah baby".
Which makes people wanna repeat after him. XD
(like how Austin Power says it)


I didn't squeeze all the way to the front la.
I believe I'm slightly too old to be that enthusiastic.
And I was quite tired after 3 days of rave and even half a day at Skytrex.

So... For the first time ever,
I went to a rave party and got more tickets. 

As of now, I have 15 tickets left to be kept as souvenir. 
And to fan myself when I think of Redfoo and the LMFAO party rock crew wiggling.

Can I exchange all these for 2 Future Music Festival Asia tickets? =X

That's what J_Fish has to say~
p.s. Thanks to Yat for being my driver for both days. X)
(he requested that I thank him. =X)


  1. Sighh didnt bump into the two of you on the first day ): Wahhh so many tickets to keep lol I wanna go FMFA toooo!