Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Are you afraid of heights?

The weekend before the recent long weekend,
I tested out how energizer battery I was.

There was the Swedish House Mafia's One Last Tour on Friday,
Skytrex on Saturday noon till evening,

Writing this post is proof that I'm qualified to be an Energizer Bunny.

The late comers gang. *cough* Except for the Nuffies who had to wait for us.
We all had problems with GPS. =X 

But then... We get to go to the course area on a pick-up. 
Illegal immigration style. 

After getting to the spot where the first batch were happily chatting and eating away already,
we had sandwiches that were provided F.O.C. Weeeeeeeeeeee.
*cheapskate mode ON*

And after the stuffing and burping, we were in for the real deal.

Introduction to the challenges and Skytrex rules and regulations.
You need gloves, which are sold for RM3 per pair.
You can also rent bottle holders from them, and lockers are provided for RM1 with a RM5 deposit.

But all of those were provided F.O.C to us again. *rubs hands*

The safety harnesses, just hanging around. *badum tsss*

The people there helped us strap them on, and we're more ready than before. Yeah baby!!

See that sign? Bring it on!!

That's just the trial part. 
We were briefed on the names of the parts,
when and how to use them,
and what to do, 
and what not to do.

And one memorably funny thing the instructor say was:
"Only one person is allowed on each obstacle. Don't say "Best friends forever" and go after your friend"

And we're off!!

First challenge after the trial climb up the small ladder,
and flying foxing to the platform in this pic above. 
 22m from the floor.
That's about 14.5 mes high.

When I first climbed up the ladder, I was like "meh"
but when I almost reached the top,
my hands start to become tired,
and my legs got a little jittery,
and if you look down...

Just don't.

And since we had to wait for people to finish the obstacles before us,
and only 3 people are allowed on each platform,
we had loads of time to chat...
and camwhore.

Perks of going with the guy with the cam. 
Ladies, are you not entertained?!

(By the way, the girl is single. *Wink wink* The guy however, is taken. Too bad girls =P)

 And I got to know a new friend. Yay. 

In fear that I might drop my phone 20m down while trying to take pictures,
I left them in the lockers,
which explains the lack of me-actually-being-a-badass-pictures.

Oh wait.

Hi Iris.

The entire challenge takes a lot of upper body strength, e.g. arm and chest muscles.
Got me thinking that I should hit the gym.
But well it's 2 weeks after that and I still haven't even see the doors of gym.

We walked on hanging horizontal pipes,
horizontal rope bridges,
tight ropes like the one Iris was demonstrating,
flying fox (which I kept calling firefox.)
and walking on nets.
And there was also
"The Tarzan"
which you know,
you swing from plank to plank like Tarzan. 

Iris, Tony and I were among the 4 first to finish the Extreme Challenge.
so camwhore again. =D

We waited at the eating place, while eating, for everyone to come back to base. 

And in the end we were all certified badasses. Ok. Maybe not that badass,
but well, I'm extreme babeh!!

So, this is my question,
are you afraid of heights?

Well, I'm a badass.

Not sure?
Well maybe go to Skytrex in Shah Alam to test how badass you are?

Not at all?
Well good for you. Now try Skytrex's Extreme Challenge.

It's not that tough you see. Since you're surely safe with the harness,
but still,
the fear is actually not of heights, but of falling.
I had to admit that despite knowing I have my safety harness on,
there are times when I feel like I want to be home, on my bed,
in stead of just hanging around there. Literally. 

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

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  1. Really hope they'll add a new circuit soon cause I'm kinda bored of the current obstacles ady haha. Review on Stephen Chow's Journey to the West 2013